1. Based on the fact that he's the biggest creator on the planet with obvious interest in the scene.

  2. wealth doesn’t make you qualified and good at everything.

  3. The worst part of this whole experiment is Riot has decided they can chalk up any legitimate criticism of her casting as sexism. Way to bury your heads in the sand smh

  4. We really didn’t need the fake reverse victimhood, bud, take a hike.

  5. To be fair, last time NA beat a Korean team in a Bo5 was C9 with Licorice in 2018 between Afreeca and C9

  6. He had a tough series there though, got cooked up by Kiin pretty bad.

  7. She’s got good songs but if you’re picking a major pop artist as your favorite then it’s because you don’t listen to music very much.

  8. Sentinels or a Mr. Beast org seem like possible replacements

  9. Can Mr. Beast just stick to the youtube charity model, please and thank you.

  10. Watching their guitarist play is mindblowing.

  11. Really crushing it as a middle of the pack adc who gets carried by his topside lmao

  12. How dare Eyla get up and cross the room to solo kill Prince from Berserker’s computer. Very rude.

  13. Folks wanna scapegoat Eyla but Flyquest were just plainly worse across the board, it’s such an uncontroversial, observable fact that Cloud9 crushed them in every element.

  14. Impact wasnt gapped? He had a 30cs lead over Ksante until Blaber ganked him

  15. So he played worse? Yes, I agree. He died to a gank and got outplayed in every teamfight and got solo killed in a counter pick matchup in game 1, that’s definitionally being gapped.

  16. He had to play agressive despite being weakside because his botlane was so behind. The only chance flyquest had that game was him getting ahead.

  17. So? Don’t die to the gank. Ganks don’t just happen and top laners have no ability to avoid or outplay. He died to gank, it’s his fault. This is cope. Fudge outplayed him all throughout the teamfights and never gave good advantages while playing the weaker laning champ, hence he played better.

  18. Wasn’t the last TSM iteration with them playing around BB mainly?

  19. Both of them had stints in retirement in the three years since and they have new teammates, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re giving Tenacity everything they should be in game.

  20. Interesting that basically every single team/pro voter voted C9. It feels like a lazy answer but I’m having trouble thinking of an alternative.

  21. And 100T was very transparently a one strategy team, not sure many people believed in them despite the end split win streak.

  22. IDK. I think jungle is 80% brains 20% mechanics role. The last good jungler who's main perk was good mechanics in eu was broxah...

  23. Elyoya. Not saying he was stupid but obviously mechanically skilled rookie that stepped right into a partnership with a really experienced mid laner.

  24. Yeah, Adam did great in play offs last year... Oh wait.

  25. Don’t care, didn’t ask, + ur favorite top got put in the dumpster by a dude who thought China was in Europe.

  26. I also have a lot of trouble with her. Kayle is good into her but you can really screw your team’s comp that way.

  27. This...is not how I remember them sounding the last time I tried to listen to them. AtHoW is one of my favorite albums of all time so of course I bought the album immediately on bandcamp. Hopefully the LP is still in stock in a few days when I get paid.

  28. The project has shifted quite a bit, the last couple releases had some goth stuff going on.

  29. Not sure how spicy this take is, but I’ve never thought of Bone Tomahawk as a horror. It is a western in which some horrifying shit goes down, but it is squarely a western in genre IMO. (It is an incredible movie though, so OP should definitely give it a watch)

  30. It genre hops but there are sections where it’s obviously trying to be horror (the first and third acts). The long middle is plain western.

  31. If Malphite is on top 3 ADCs and 2 Fighters, then I don't think he needs IBG. The slow doesn't really do anything. Since he already has a Lulu ult to slow them. So I think Jaksho is fine.

  32. Iceborn also gives damage reduction against the target when you slow them, it’s a 1v1 item mostly.

  33. SK look a lot weaker this split tbh. Hell, BDS kinda do too, Adam is not piss stomping other tops as much but they pulled off some great late game wins.

  34. Try picking some AP? Idk what to tell you, a tank is good for one patch while still having obvious counterplay but we need a post about addressing it? Get back in queue, babe.

  35. I'd still put Xmithie ahead of Blaber due to longevity and number of trophies tbh

  36. Xmithie is like Bengi, they just objectively were never as skilled as the best of their opposition on any individual basis but they filled out specific rosters really well.

  37. Despite the 3-1 scoreline from C9 the gameplay was concerning. Hope they step it up in later weeks.

  38. CLG gave them the closest fight by a mile when they won summer last year so Im not overly worried yet.

  39. feels bad. seems like he has to play tanks for the teams. but he was carrying w gwen in game 2

  40. No he was not lol. Complete passenger. Palafox kept them in the game and Zeri closed.

  41. Emenes keeps finding huge Yone ult angle's on CLG. Fudge was so good this game too.

  42. No fuckin idea how he outplayed that first gank.

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