1. Same here. I always wanted to go back and finally get the platinum, but so far I could never bring myself to actually do it even though I've downloaded and deleted it twice or thrice already and since I currently try to bring myself to finish Arkham Asylum I don't myself being able to do it any time soon.

  2. I don't know, I think it was a good game, even back at release + on PS4, but it was certainly no masterpiece.

  3. They are horrible. The worst part of the game Indeed.

  4. Yeah, I'm currently in the process of getting the combat challenges done and most of the time I mess up once and I already know that I basically have to restart, because I won't get enough points as I'm not very good at combining all the different moves in one flawless combo.

  5. I really liked the game too and I think it's a lot better than people give it credit for, but the whole "no item box" concept was a dud.

  6. What kind of rng are we talking about? Like losing a battle to rng even if you're overly prepared, having to grind for some random item for hours?

  7. There is some item grinding but there’s a boss that has to be beaten by a chance move and it’s just highly irritating cause it’s luck based not skill based

  8. Yeah, that sounds like a pretty stupid decision, espcially if it's a boss fight that may take longer.

  9. Did you do the multiplayer recently? If so how bad was it?

  10. I'd be interested in this too as I may play this game next ... if I ever finish Arkha Asylum.

  11. Yeah, the Arkham Asylum trophies I have left are highly discouraging at the moment.

  12. Combat challenges are quite hard

  13. Yeah I noticed, at least if you want to get 3 tokens out of them. At the moment it doesn't seem like I'm abl to get it, but maybe with some more practice.

  14. I'd appreciate it if they'd do this and put them under a seperate dlc kinda category or at least remove them from games where they're no longer obtainable, but I doubt that this will happen any time soon.

  15. Optinoob has some really good and detailed trophy guides

  16. I'll check it out, but I'm not talking about guides, just people getting platinums and then making around 30 or so minutes videos about to show how hard/grindy/whatever the journey was.

  17. Ah, sorry, I misunderstood your post. Adam McDermott (

  18. No worries, I'll check out Optinoob too. It never hurts to have a few more sources at hand when it comes to trophy hunting.

  19. It's pretty much a tie betwen Dead Space and RE4R, but since I've played the RE4 original, but not Dead Space I'd say RE4R is my most anticipated one out of the 4.

  20. I would've loved to give it a go, but sadly it wasn't available anymore.

  21. The multiplayer trophies for Last of Us remastered.

  22. I've played the vanilla version myself last year and it was a great game, albeit quite hard to stomach at times.

  23. Uncharted 1 remastered in 2017, went on to Uncharted 2 immediately afterwards and ... then stopped playing with my brand new PS4 for 9-10 months, no idea why.

  24. I got the same one a few days ago and it was a nice experienced. Just straightforward collecting and stuff, but no multiplayer shenanigans.

  25. Hey, everyone. Square Enix has the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Collection physical editions (PS4/Switch) for pre-order. $74.99 for the regular version is expensive. $259.99 for the Anniversary Edition is outrageous! The games will be out on May 31, 2023. That is tentative, however. The regular editions are sold out already! I think the Switch Anniversary edtion is still available, but that is it. Check it out here:

  26. $75 (possibly 85€ as our prices are almost always higher by 10€) seems pretty steep, but it also contains 6 games, so it's not THAT much.

  27. PS4 -> PS5 normally works, but not the other way around.

  28. I'm excited for these Final Fantasy Remasters for PS4 and Switch! I have been holding off, not a fan of Final Fantasy for the PC. Here's the link to the actual article:

  29. Same. I thought about getting it for mobile as it seems quite acceptabl on iPad, but PS4 would be even better. Switch seems perfect too, but if I can PS4 is normally my go to.

  30. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune a little over 5 years ago. Then I started Among Thieves, but quit and almost came to the conclusion that the PS4 was a mispurchase because I didn't play any games on it for almost a year.

  31. The funny thing for me is how her friends are giving her shit for leading him on, but also saying that she should just give him a chance.

  32. I played it a while ago and I really liked it. Nothing outstanding, but a simple and pretty easy platinum to an enjoyable game. 68/100 as the bot says might be a bit low, as I'd add a few points, but it's pretty cheap, so I was okay with it. Liked the atmosphere here.

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