1. Didn't include Luxembourg because German isn't spoken by the majority of their population

  2. Reddit recycling (incomplete) old news just for a lil karma

  3. Out of the loop, are Americans voting for something?

  4. Babe wake up, new rarc account just dropped

  5. Vivaldi, is it also chromium? How about Opera?

  6. Forgot to specify "new wave" and pop in general but it's too late to modify the meme ._______.

  7. Will this result in the collapse of the German economy and possibly cause a further crisis in the EU and the rest of the world 😳😳😐😐😱😱?!?!??

  8. You forgot the necessary webcam for laptops starting next year and ads that were going to be implemented into Explorer.

  9. The flag in the picture is actually a design interpretation of Emil Doepler's 1919 Reichskriegsflagge (war ensign) of the Weimar republic, and is not a "modern German war flag"

  10. How can you install it on a computer without TMP, modified ISO?

  11. Use Rufus to make the bootable usb and use the win 11 ISO straight from Microsoft. Rufus has a drop down which disables secure boot and TPM check and it’ll install perfectly. I’m Running it on a 2012, 2015, and a 2021 MacBook pros. It runs great especially on the 2015 and 2021 and oddly enough surprisingly great on the 2012 which is an I five processor which is plenty for windows 11.

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