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  1. They'll have your HS transcript anyways so just put the ones you feel most proud of. Mention it in the additional info section. And they'll look at your transcript.

  2. Uchicago or Georgetown. Still deciding which I want to apply ED.

  3. I’m in 9 AP Classes with no way out. I’ll see what I can do though regarding clubs.

  4. The fact that you are getting any sleep at all is a god damn miracle. College will be easy compared to that kinda workload. I have never heard of that anyone that took that many classes much less that many AP classes.

  5. My sister has about a 4.5 weighted GPA if not more and she barely cracked the top 100 in her school. The only way to avoid feeling inferior is to focus on yourself. I tutor kids and the amount of times I see kids who think they need to measure their capabilities with someone else is really sad. The only way you can improve consistently is to get better than your present self. Thinking that you need to be as good as the people around you will only make you desperate and that will only lead to you reach too far and fail.

  6. Where did you go for new insurance? Root is scamming me too. They doubled my rate for no reason.

  7. I went to Geico. Feel free to to take your time and shop around for quotes. Unfortunately every insurance is increasing their rates so I just switched over to USAA but I still had a good experince with Geico

  8. Join the A2C discord. I found someone there who was offering to read and provide suggestions for essays.

  9. There is no situation that makes you a disappointment where you do what is best for yourself.

  10. Coming from someone who left high school at the bottom 25% of my class and didn't seriously look at colleges until the middle of January of my senior year, I really squandered my opportunity my first time around. As a soon to be 26 year old apply for transfer after 2 years of community college, I have definitely taken the application process much more seriously. It's my second and probably my final chance at pursuing higher education.

  11. I just don't know. This is funny and cute and made me smile. But I read through the comments and apparently the mom is a complete piece of shit mother that shouldn't have kids and the son should hate her.

  12. The most underrated aspect of any individual in any setting is the ability to be a good follower. That value of being A good and effective follower is far too underrated. Everyone wants to be thought of as a leader which is fine, but not when it comes at the expense of discounting the value of being an amazing team member.

  13. My school allows you to apply to 7 out of state colleges at most. It was definitely hard to narrow it down!!

  14. My question is how does your school have the authority to restrict you like that? How do they stop you? What happens to someone who does more?

  15. That would require teachers or counselors to enforce that. I really doubt they'd want to keep track of what schools their students are applying to. Trachers in particular.

  16. There a line between wierd and quirky. I have no problem with wierd. In fact my friends consider me wierd, but it's best to keep that side of you between friends. So I guess the best way to explain would be quirky yet professional.

  17. I had a boss who wouldn’t hire Ivy Leaguers because he found them entitled. Not saying he was right, but I wouldn’t assume that everyone has a favorable opinion or that the brand name will necessarily open doors.

  18. I would argue most people do have a positive opinion of ivy league school and by extension it's students. So your boss seems like an outlier.

  19. What did you major in? And how do you feel about the professor and that department in general at Cornell?

  20. From what I’m hearing it took you 12 years to get to this point. Maybe others who got their masters did it quicker

  21. You missed his point. He is trying to say that how you start is irrelevant. What school you go to is irrelevant. It can help but isn't necessary to have a successful career and life.

  22. I wouldn't take advice about what a good score is from someone who forgot to take his pinky off the shift button for three comments in a row.

  23. Firstly let me address you dealing with people you graduated with being a year ahead. I can understand the stigma behind it if it happens in high school but though even then I believe it shouldn't be perceived as bad as it is. Once you graduate, you are essentially considered an adult. You go to college and you are among other adults. The difference in age or graduation year becomes irrelevant. If anyone does care about it, they obviously haven't grown up and they can safely ignored.

  24. International Relations or public policy. Something in that general field of study.

  25. Hallelujah!!! Its seems like all I see are CS and STEM majors here and on discord 😆

  26. This is like one of those imaginary what-if mental scenarios you make up in your head in the shower because you have nothing better to do.

  27. Don't stress. Most people are in the same boat. You can't change the past, just craft your application well and focus on your strengths and you'll be fine.

  28. Let be honest. Literally EVERYTHING is advantageous to the wealthy because the have the time and resources and stability to do what they want and what best suits them.

  29. Test blind just isn't good though. The point is that wealth makes less of a difference in testing than it does with GPA or ECs. You can self-study for the SAT really easily, but you can't do much if you're in an underfunded school with no money to get a tutor and spend on ECs. Being test-blind makes it much more unfair than otherwise.

  30. That's a fair point but if you're in a situation where the quality of your education is low and you don't have access to a tutor, no amount of self study will make your SAT make-up for your low GPA.

  31. No clue if it is common but I haven't heard it mentioned: School spirit.

  32. In the same general vein, do the students seem happy where they are? There are so many schools where the students seem like they’re constantly bitter and stressed-out. Hard work is important, but I don’t want to spend my next four years miserable, surrounded by equally unhappy people.

  33. Happiness is a big one. Education isn't nearly as effective when your miserable!

  34. Am I the only one who thinks that the rug looks like it was woven out of human hair?

  35. Most important lesson I learned in the years after high school is learning that being proud of yourself is enough. Learning to keep things in perspective and recognizing yourself and your hard work can be a lifesaver.

  36. You sound like someone who has never had any pride in anything you've done or worse, not done anything worth having pride in.

  37. chill dude, its just an essay on robert e lee lol

  38. The OP obviously put in a lot of work and is proud of that essay. He doesn't want his hard work to go to waste and you demeaning his or her desire to actually put his work to use make you seem like a dick.

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