AITA for walking out of a restaurant on my GF?

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

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WIBTA if I didn't let my husband attend the baby shower or birth of our child?

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I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

  1. I’m sorry but what a weirdo? So he’s like going around making messes and just going to her to clean them up?

  2. Honestly I agree with OP. And I’m a first grade teacher who loves kids. But if I had little kids in my classes of college leading up to it, I would have lost my mind and not been able to get anything done. That’s way too distracting for a learning environment. If it were a one time thing, I could totally deal with it, but if that were every class I could not .

  3. I don’t know, whatever you don’t do it from a department store because it’s really embarrassing when you get caught.

  4. Eh I don’t like this behavior from him. And you’re only 20? I’d watch to see if this reaction is a pattern. It’s not about the bananas, it’s about him not listening to your explanation and still pretending you’re upset over bananas. He just didn’t care about how you felt and acted like an ass.

  5. So you said something actually offensive, but then you got mad at her for saying something not offensive? Were you so mad because she was right, it does make you feel good to call her insecure?

  6. YTA - im most confused about the last example considering the child’s parent was also involved…

  7. How are all those people in the comments ignoring the signs of abuse????

  8. Co-parenting means dad should probably have given mom a heads up that daughter was grieving. However, mom comes across as just mean, inconsiderate, and selfish with her response. Her focus should have been comforting her daughter, not calling to berate dad when he's also grieving.

  9. He deserved to be reamed out. It's terrible behaviour, you don't just dump a child who has received news like that on the other parent without saying a word about it.

  10. I said it wasn’t the best either. But no I do not agree that a parent that just lost a child needs to be reamed out. They need to have a conversation.

  11. So it’s okay that her son calls his step dad, dad….. but not Okay when her stepdaughter does it?

  12. Am I the only one who’s thinking “okay…. So everyone just pays $10ish extra right?”

  13. I’ve always just used unscented lotion. I heard aquaphor and A&D can pull color.

  14. I’m also a teacher and I totally understand wanting to do this. I think this is fine!!! I would post it at least

  15. I want to say ESH. I will say banning him from birth is too extreme, but I also think his reaction is ridiculous for my own personal taste. Gender isn’t everything.

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