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  1. My only gripe with this episode is the same gripe I had with Joel the game. Why the hell would anyone choose to drive through the downtown area of a large city in a post-apocalyptic world. Turn that shit around and find some backroads or highways that don't go through the city.

  2. Not many back roads bridges over the mississippi Missouri, my mistake

  3. Not a bad point, except that Kansas city is pretty far west (relatively) of the Mississippi.

  4. Whoops wrote the wrong m river, thanks for the correction

  5. I generally play fast paced games but makes sense

  6. Yeah this game is a slow burn, 90fov will focus you better and slow down your thinking in that way too. Generally it’s a positive improvement :)

  7. Howie got absolutely fucked for no reason, poor dude didn’t deserve that shit

  8. That’s not really a good thing economically. You want some unemployment in the economy and having it so low contributes to inflation pretty decently.

  9. Wait a sec, just noticed the responder officer uniform uses the wrong flag for fallout. Hmm.

  10. They be fighting racists and can't die. Wouldn't you? I would

  11. Wrong type of missile. The missile vid is about a tomahawk dead reckoning not a heat seeker fml

  12. Crumple zones. That lady would be chunky marinara if it was a hard bodied car.

  13. Wall Walla, WA has pretty decent bones. The outskirts can be a but off but generally it retained much of its main street

  14. I mean I played the game too. I didn’t mean “people who played the game”, I meant gamers.

  15. I mean seriously, does Germany even have any jets to spare? How many could they even realistically send without seriously degrading their defensive posture?

  16. The luftwaffe had something like half of its Eurofighter fleet grounded due to maintenance issues.

  17. How the fuck did someone make an anime girl out of an emd f7. Jesus christ

  18. Clearly you don't get it, the Vark is awesome and I love it. But the F-111B was an underpowered oversized piece of shit. So before the NCD downvotes begin, i to are a vark lover, just not a. Varb (F-111B) lover.

  19. I really do like the f111b due to the sheer absurdity of it. Ik it was bad tho.

  20. On another note the green uniform is drippy af, good luck with the strike 🪧

  21. Read the article, it’s a packaging difference. There’s a label with “whiskey” that does have it, and then there’s just fireball cinnamon which doesn’t. Sometimes I wonder if people even read the article.

  22. Why would it break immersion? I would like to think that even in a 1950's wet-dream of an alternate reality we'd have decent acceptance by 2050 at the latest.

  23. It’s canon there’s a gay couple in fo4 @sanctuary too.

  24. Enclave handmade and it’s the ar15? Don’t mind if I do

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