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  1. Serial killer, I can look past some things but that’s where I draw the line

  2. Don’t worry comrade, the politburo will see that all of their belongings are redistributed to the proletariat. Ignore the bloodstains, they were there when we stole them

  3. He knows that the British Royals hold no power right? Its pretty much a ceremonial advisor position that draws in tax and tourism!

  4. with the amount of warnings the man got, might as well be real

  5. “Mars himself come down and warned him” - An Unbiased History

  6. There is one in hammerfell for the altmer, an several possible for the north nedes

  7. Is there any chance of this being uploaded to the Steam Workshop so as to facilitate the participation of the technologically inept (me)

  8. Not for a bit, from what I understand this is more like a open beta test than the actual first release

  9. Reminds me of /pol/ harbor in 2014. m00t trolled the board by removing its filters, changing its title to "8 steps of cuckolding," adorning it with feminist porn and encouraging everyone to shitpost there. That's what led all the most fervent Nazis to flock to 8chan, turning it into the site that spawned three mass shootings. 4chan still remained toxic, though, and continues to go off the deep end.

  10. 2017 I think? It happened cause the new owners banned porn; drawn, shot, or written. And all of those refugees came to reddit and Twitter, corrupting them

  11. Is it just me, or is San Francisco just collectively fucking up lately?

  12. If you count lately as “since 2003”, than no, it’s not just you

  13. It’s not even minor criminals that have to worry. Unless you plan on doing a mass shooting or arming riot members than this will not be used against you

  14. I assume they found in the same place where people said Egyptian actors didn’t look Egyptian enough

  15. The games been out for 8 years now and this is the first time

  16. Spell (Demon) Hunter! But this is a pretty bad payoff for it. I know people said the same thing about to my side, but the animal companions are better than 3/3 demons. Demon hunter needs a big payoff like rhok delar or zuljin to make this card worth it

  17. The way this is worded makes me think that you get extra health, as in if you’re at 30 then you’ll have 35 after playing this.

  18. They spent the entire war making their national flag look worse! There’s a reason no one fucking flys the thing

  19. “Hey how’s the government supposed to do things now?” -Anarchist shortly after destroying the government

  20. First run in the game as the US just learning how it all works.

  21. Started as Finland, so far all I’ve done is build up an economy around iron and wood, with a little foree into arms production. I’ve seen Russia getting beat in every war they’ve entered, so I’ve decided to declare independence, which I’m still prepping for

  22. Literally 1894: As Great Britain, have max police laws and a communist government

  23. I don’t think there would be any events, and I’m pretty sure we’ve seen the decisions/journal entries for New South Wales at this point, but it’s still possible for them to have cores in the game. Im personally wondering how Newfoundland works in game, as from the videos I’ve seen it appears to be owned by Great Britain directly, instead of being a separate colony

  24. The biggest county in Ontario, right unity if you can do that, otherwise I’m fine with either auth or lib right

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