Kaguya Wants To Be Confessed To : : Chapter 281 [END]

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  1. Cant wait for them to make the game worse after that lol

  2. I just got jumpscared because first i thought what a cute mask then realized it.

  3. Tbf the Aot fandom ans Csm fandom are almost the same people, they just moved on after the *controversial * ending

  4. /uh xai is okbh as a person and i love his art /rh kenfucky fucks chicken

  5. Seems like you are being dismissive of their behavior. It's quite frankly disgusting. Luxiem is obviously the worst offender but it filters down to all of them as well, especially Finana who is just gross.

  6. Also you just unlocked a core memory of mine, about Rev being such a hypocrite. 2 years ago he did like a Video about genshin impact censoring Kiryu Coco and was like "Guys don't play this game it's against Coco" 2 weeks later was when he started to cover genshin in his videos because it got popular.

  7. Fubuker is preggers with Watames child 🤯🤯🥰 (attack on tits reference)

  8. My brother in christ you cant tell me that part 5 Giorno looks same as part 8 Josuke Sometimes araki redraws older Jojo chars and they look more like a part 8 char since his art has evolved that way

  9. I try to run away and hide in a corner but i cant escape it dokkan is everywhere AAAAAAA

  10. They had hot sex in the hit game Among Us in order to create that

  11. I can't wait for the summonings, I hope that I can find a Quincy or two that fits my play style. Also, KLab (and by extension RNGesus) thinks that giving me (blessing me) with a ton of Quincy accessories is a good idea somehow. For the time being those Accessories are mostly unused.

  12. KLab is going to get so much bank after releasing all the new units after the anime is out.

  13. /uh so if Anime is real does that mean Korone and Sonic are able to do a Fusion dance and fuse to fight against Dio?

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