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  1. So there is actually something going on with the algo that pushes you tweets more to your followers when you are private and deboosts when you are public or pushes you tweets to people who aren’t interested. Elon has ruined the app

  2. It’s amazing to me conservatives think they got anything about Covid correct lol

  3. For real. They were wrong on it being made in a lab, wrong when they doubted the vaccines completely prevent infection, vaccine side effects, NIH money and other involvement in COVID, gain of function research, HCQ and Ivermectin… literally everything. Not a single thing correct

  4. Yeah, log anything that’s on the app that I’ve seen

  5. It feels exploitative to take pictures of homeless people and post them to a large platform

  6. Clown world is one of the worst and most reactionary accounts on Twitter so this is the kinda stuff they do.

  7. Sure, it's a good film but I wouldn't call Catch Me If You Can a masterpiece.

  8. I’ve only seen it once but really loved it. Such a blast to watch.

  9. Will they take away his ability to call himself a doctor?

  10. Nah. He would need the doctorate taken away. Licensure is entirely different.

  11. Thanks for the info! Honestly as long as he’s still able to call himself a Dr I doubt much will change in the mind of his fans.

  12. It will be missed but glitch exploiters will not be

  13. Show us on the doll where the evil leftist hurt you

  14. Yep, already had a guy who beat me last night by just shorting an arrow and send me flying deep into the storm.

  15. Calling a Black man a white supremacist seems a bit odd

  16. There’s plenty of of POC who are white supremacist. It doesn’t make sense but yet they choose to be that way.

  17. Adam Smasher looks cool, shit game though.

  18. Beginning of the season it was a little rough but I feel the fixed the medium range accuracy and now it’s all I use.

  19. Not even debateable. One of the smartest fighter sim the series.

  20. Low effort bait. Spend time your family please they’re concerned about you.

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