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  1. That's a good emotional response, but how is what I said not true?

  2. Lmao, my man gave you a source, was calm and rationale, the you're all "WHOA, CALM DOWN, BITCH!"

  3. So true! If only we could get LSF to admit to this!

  4. WE POSITIVE mizkifHypers WE POSITIVE mizkifHypers WE POSITIVE mizkifHypers WE POSITIVE mizkifHypers WE POSITIVE mizkifHypers WE POSITIVE mizkifHypers WE POSITIVE mizkifHypers WE POSITIVE mizkifHypers WE POSITIVE mizkifHypers

  5. Todays the day. I remember I got downvoted hard on LSF for saying ExtraEmily would be the next member of OTK.

  6. LSF thinking something is usually a good sign that the oppsite is true.

  7. Wtf did I do? We have been close friends since 2021 when she had 50 viewers.

  8. I think he was just saying that because she moved in with someone connected to OTK, it must mean she's joining. I don't think he meant you did anything.

  9. Worst thing Lud ever did was teaching people that word without also explaining what any actual psychologist can explain: Parasocialiality is a normal and expected part of the human psyche. It's how you care about characters in a book or movie. It's how you feel bad for strangers who've been mistreated. It's part of your empathy and only sociopaths don't form parasocial relationships.

  10. That depends, does pointing out that mizkif is basically the 7 steps to kevin bacon of SA count as a negative? Or is that a positive for you?

  11. Be more specific. In what ways does he fit that description? What actions has he done to earn that comparison? You keep saying he's this or he's that, but what make say that? Surely you have a reason, yes? It's not just because another streamer told you that? Please, share that reason with me.

  12. So, to recap, I asked you to point out just one single thing that HE has actually DONE and you responded by telling me he has shit friends.

  13. Only a Hassan dickrider would think that’s why people hate him

  14. I'm not a Hasan dickrider (I've never even watched one of his streams, just seen clips and YT shit) and I DO think that's why people hate him. He's political and outspoken, if he wasn't hated I'd think something was wrong. Maybe you could give us the real reason he's hated then?

  15. In his defense, Columbus to Atlanta to Augusta is a pretty safe bubble away from the more red, sparsely populated areas in GA.

  16. Yeah, I live in the middle of the state (pretty much the bottom middle of that triangle you just described). It's about a 50/50 mix of old-school southern racism and modern day tolerance here. The further south you go, the worse that mix gets.

  17. I mean the intro is easily the weakest part of the movie though. It's essentially eugenics. If stupid people only produced stupid people then humanity would've never gotten smart in the first place.

  18. Eh, not as much eugenics, but maybe more of a cultural eugenics; nurture over nature. If Albert Einstein had been born into a family in an isolated Ozark village, the odds of him being anything other than an ignorant hillbilly are not good, no matter his intelligence. If the family and culture you're born into prizes ignorance, you probably will too. And that is, sadly, a real thing that we see across several sub-cultures.

  19. Nah, we're in that already. More like End Stage Capitalism. A few generations until we go extinct, probably.

  20. Never go all-in on any bets, bro. You got it twisted. RIP

  21. The problem, I'm guessing, isn't that he didn't want to watch any particular clip. It's that he felt the need to come into the thread and leave a comment about how he's not watching it. No one appreciates those comments in any thread about any streamer. When I scroll past 2 dozen "Destiny's opinion on..." and "xQc doing thing" threads that I don't care about, I've never once felt the need to do something so fucking cringe as to open up those threads and let everyone know that I don't like those particular streamers, as if anyone gives half a shit who I don't like. Dude can just keep scrolling, nobody asked.

  22. This stream was amazing and I am happy to go ALL IN on Miz's push for more positive vibes! The only way to move past all this bad shit that's happened is to actually move past it! We should focus on the good, the fun, the laughter!

  23. i know this is an extremely old thread. (9 years ago, oh my lord) but what do you think of when you imagine colour? is it possible for you, or is it like imagining something that's incomprehensible to humans, like a 4th dimension?

  24. Sorta more incomprehensible. You can try it yourself. Birds, bees, and several other animals see a wider spectrum of color than humans. In other words there are colors that exist which you can't see, but they can. Try to imagine what one of those colors looks like. You might imagine some combination of colors you already know, but nope, that's not it. Try to imagine a completely new color that's never been seen before.

  25. How does she reconcile this with the negative impact her children's tantrums have on those around her? It's entirely unreasonable to expect strangers to tolerate it just because she does.

  26. Yeah, the kid should be removed in that case, but that's ideal. Not everyone can do that.

  27. Only to realize after it won't boot that you forgot to set the jumper correctly.

  28. That's like saying it's all about the toast, not the bread. What do you think brings sponsors?

  29. Mizkif is not OTK. A lot of what I saw during the height of the drama was people being reminded of that. Even if you hate Miz and everything he does, that's not a reflection on the rest of OTK. For example, why would anyone shit on Cyr or Tectone because they happen to belong to the same org as a streamer that person dislikes? That makes no sense.

  30. Right, firing people sucks so bad I could literally never imagine myself doing it. You can, have, do, and will. That is a fundamental difference.

  31. Well, what I guess I'm trying to explain is that it's not something I do to them. They do it to themselves. Just like the teacher didn't "give me a bad grade" in algebra; I got what I earned. If you pay somebody to do work for you and they don't do it, you shouldn't continue paying them. Instead, you should let them go find something better for them and you find someone to do the job you need done. It really doesn't have to be so "us vs them" combative, but I fully acknowledge that shitty managers and the even shittier companies they work for have made it like that, not the workers. I don't blame you at all for feeling the way you do, I just wish it wasn't like that in so many (most) jobs.

  32. Yeah this is exactly what I mean by "manager brain" on display, you are genuinely incapable of understanding.

  33. I mean, if I don't get rid of bad employees, there won't BE a company. Instead of one person meeting the consequences of their own actions, everyone suffers because of them. That's also not fair. I have a responsibility to protect the people who work for me, not expect them to put up with shitty coworkers because I feel bad about firing them.

  34. They have actually decimated ecosystems everywhere they have been introduced and are the reason for hundreds if not close to a thousand extinctions of animals because they also just kill for the fun of it

  35. Yeah, but that statement is true of humans too. In fact, since humans are the ones who migrated cats all over the world, you are talking about the results of human actions.

  36. It will help to know where you're at (just a general area of the world, don't dox yourself). Do you live in a country/culture where it is not really normal or acceptable for women to live independently of their parents unless they're married?

  37. you guys are all spineless. a few weeks ago, everyone was talking about how mizkif is done and people will not watch and link his shit. now look at you guys..... spineless.

  38. See, it's this thing adults do, called realizing you were wrong and altering your behavior as a result. Most of LSF has realized that Train was completely full of shit and none of that shit he said about Miz was real. The remaining haters are (1) people who always hated Miz anyway, (2) people who only heard the initial drama 3 months ago and never kept up with it, or (3) Train or xQc dickriders who haven't changed their opinion because their streamer hasn't told them to.

  39. LULW Essay? You need to pick up some books, bro. That wasn't shit.

  40. For the moment, the thread is being left in tact to provide moral support and suggestions with what OP can do.

  41. It's gonna depend on how Dr. K approaches this. The questions he asks and how he guides Miz in the conversation will determine whether this is like one of those alt streams (useless) OR possibly a way for Miz to deny the allegations and outright defend himself without it looking like that's what he's doing.

  42. If the unconfirmed story is true, I feel for the wife, but at the same time, her husband would be so upset to see his DeLorean like this. I'm sure he would've much preferred his wife to get some money out of it and for that car to go to someone who would take care of it!

  43. Only if we're wrong. He'll be excited to pull up this thread and be like "You guys are sooooo dumb!"

  44. What i meant to say was 'it's not about having done that kind of content, it's about her actively doing that kind of content".

  45. You're not wrong, but I think regardless of Train, Asmon just doesn't like Alinity and never has.

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