1. They are pretty different though, morphologically, the arms and hand and feet shapes.

  2. If they were more alien the audience wouldn’t be able to empathize with them for a few hours.

  3. In that movie it needed to be believable that humans would fear and be disgusted by the prawns…no one is supposed to want to become one. If they looked like Navi they would become supermodels.

  4. I hate the kind of reductive conspiratorial thinking that surrounds discourse about Jewish people. It's very simple: a high-iq, savvy, aligned, nepotistic minority rose to positions of power and there they've stayed. No need to engage in magical thinking about how "the jews" are some kind of universally detestable elite puppeteering society by dint of... uh... something.

  5. By dint of being CEOs and board members of most central banks…

  6. I was under the impression it was a one-and-done series like the other Flanagan shows. I honestly was bored with MC, but to be fair I wasn't familiar with the source material and I'm also a 40-something adult. I'm curious to see what "House of Usher" is like and will continue supporting Flanagan's work.

  7. The source material is a Christopher Pike book from the YA horror heyday of the 90s. So you just must have been reading or doing something else when you were in your early teens. I don't think any familiarity with the source material would have helped your boredom though.

  8. It’s tough. I’ve done similar things but encountered drastic consequences to my impulsivity.

  9. Could be something like the stigmatism or stereoblindness that plenty of people have (e.g. Johnny Depp).

  10. Astigmatism wouldn’t affect one’s enjoyment of 3-D. Stereoblindness sounds rough though.

  11. There is almost no such thing as having an intimate male friendship without one or the other catching feelings. You can have acquaintances and work/school buddies but deeper friendship will generally always come with “romance.”

  12. I find that BPD and identity confusion make it so hard for me to even know how to pursue friendship, even at a basic level. What is good or “normal” in the context of friendship? I literally don’t know. It is just so hard to separate myself from others.

  13. I wonder about what is “normal” regarding friendships as well. I used to think I care more than everyone else and no one cares about me. This is sort of true in my case 🙃, but also it would seem the BPD way of friendship involves way more pain upon perceived loneliness, and thus an eagerness to achieve connection as strongly and as deeply as possible.

  14. Its literally in your face. Look at the symbolism. Read the secret teachings of all ages by manly p. hall and man and his symbols by Carl Jung

  15. Sure, the symbols are everywhere. But is this an allegiance to the actual magical figures or is it an allegiance to throwing pedo-murder parties?

  16. It sounds like you need to drop your friend group. It shouldn’t be this way and this will just bring you down.

  17. Tobacco isn't the same but it'll teach you a lot about rolling a joint.

  18. Totally believable if they said the first one. I really think that is a platinum seller even though the remaster came out.

  19. Dark Souls 1 doesn't need a remake, it's already considered to be the best in the series. You can't improve perfection.

  20. Did they actually change anything about Demon's Souls but the graphics? Isn't the whole point so a design team doesn't have to think and can practically just reskin everything for an easy cash grab?

  21. Your post would be different if you had ever worked a job where someone clogged the toilet that day and it was your responsibility.

  22. This is absolute horseshit. Even a child can read what a drug is supposed to do and then read the dosage. As long as you only take the recommended dose these things won't harm anyone. That's why they are over the counter. The package TELLS YOU Benadryl causes drowsiness. Who misses that?

  23. Who does this though? Pretty much any person who suffers from a disorder gets help if they can afford it. Then others don't get help because they don't even know they have a disorder...

  24. People get addicted to it from having it as a kid. You would never catch a grade schooler saying they hate McDonalds.

  25. The appealing part is to watch people do something special because 90% of us do not have the time/energy/money to do it. These channels are practically never about teaching someone to make what they made.

  26. When done right, they’re not too bad. But there’s definitely a moment when there’s too many of them in one go. I think you might like Dragon Ball (not Z, but it’s predecessor), it’s got what I feel is a decent amount of filler and a good story if you haven’t seen it yet.

  27. This just made me think of an unpopular opinion post of my own: Dragonball is better than Dragonball Z.

  28. I actually totally think it's justified and understandable to post a sob story (and sometimes entertaining) while at the same time I find it eyerolling. However, it's more eyerolling when someone replies "I'm so sorry that happened to you!"

  29. I think your perception that fans are overcritical, demeaning, and joyless comes from the fact that Reddit is now THE forum of the internet and most internet commenters are there to complain as part of some cathartic need.

  30. I'm happy someone else has noticed this. I'm not sure what started that trope...maybe Game of Thrones?

  31. I think it predates GoT by a lot. The oldest thing I can pinpoint just from memory would be Pulp Fiction but I'm sure I'm missing a lot. Of course there are ways to actually make it cool (see the aforementioned PF), but it takes a good writer to do that

  32. Tarantino always has a scene like that come to think of it. You might be right…it might just be a Tarantino inspired thing. Of course he actually does it well.

  33. It's pretty much not a theory that Blackrock and other organizations control a lot buddy...

  34. The real deal is that planes should be twice their size to accommodate a lower deck that has a locker for every seat, or a locker aisle.

  35. Ideally don't even say you quit, act like you are still there.

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