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  1. Approximately how long did you have to do physio for ? How long did it take to fully recover (at least walk without support) after surgery ?

  2. Dr.Bishwa was the physio. And if operation is in morning by evening itself they'll start physio. Within a week they'll make patient climb the stairs ( with assistance of course) after discharge for few weeks they'll use crutches then followed by Walker for a month or so... And as for time req'd to recover it varies from patient to patient...my dad being old and being heart patient and had two strokes that too decades ago ...so his way of walking hasn't changed. A patient who was in next room was a farmer had operated on both legs he recovered very well saw his video climbing Jeep n driving it ....my aunt is recovering she's using Walker now ... Also after operation patient totally forgets how to walk we have to constantly remind them to walk properly

  3. And they all can't swim. I was blown away when I was in India by all the people living their whole life right next to the ocean and can't swim.

  4. Well where I live beach is very ruff and those who don't know swimming they should be glad cause those who actually know swimming and they try to show off ,well very next day their pic will be on newspaper stating they are missing.... The current is strong you won't be able to swim

  5. This is in Kerala just few months back someone did the same in Goa ...met with same fate

  6. Greetings, Longjumping_Lock_719. Unfortunately, your submission has been removed from

  7. https://www.india.com/news/india/class-8-topper-poisoned-to-death-by-jealous-mother-of-classmate-who-secured-second-position-5610952/

  8. It's very common here,seen too many incidents like this ....even i fell like this when I was his age ...

  9. I know it's very sad to see our loved ones go, maybe I'm from different culture but if you keep a part of thier things to remember by then it's very difficult to move on...

  10. I hope Those religious nutcase got swept away in the recent floods, if not then they should

  11. In Bangalore- Mangalore route my two cousins in two separate incidents have told similar story and it happened to them around same time maybe 2 or 3 in the morning ......it's a cry of some lady n her kid

  12. Put whatever you want in your food ...eat whatever you want ...usme Naya kya hai...

  13. In India they r just releasing a movie called "we and our 12 children" mocking muslims ...and liberals here loosing shit ....they are trying to ban the movie

  14. Seeing the picture of barbar shop in the back I'm guessing it's India so it's not that sign what u r thinking of

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