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  1. Kinda crazy how I also have the rights to every face of all people with aphasia. If you don’t believe me I’ve got videos to prove it

  2. I can’t believe you fell for it

  3. This right here. If the military is allowed to detonate corpses then at least I should be able to be ignited on a boat

  4. Just donate your dead body to the military lol

  5. I am a man and honestly I was always kinda shrugging off Jordan's comments about men feeling alienated and "pointed at" by society, until recently. I got cheated on by my GF of 5 years and felt the world crumbled under me. I was a mess (and still am) and around that time a celebrity in my country and Adam Levine both were having affairs and cheated on their wives. The tweets about these things broke me man. "Men are trash", "all men are pigs", etc.

  6. It reeks of desperation… it’s why I didn’t join yellow to begin with

  7. You didn’t have to say elderly dad in the title, the socks and sandals said it by themselves.

  8. Honestly first thought I had was he should take those socks off if he’s going to dangle his feet over the water and keep them dry

  9. Rings used to protect Sonic… but these 7 rings bring death

  10. I assume the downvotes are because people are unaware

  11. it's like playing among us irl except no one gets killed

  12. I am pretty sure that was an insurance scam or at least an attempt... Or a Russian mobilization dodger

  13. You don’t have to be a Russian shill to think that relying on Russia of all nations for energy was a bad idea

  14. I think they are saying the rise in comments about how it was the USA that damaged the pipeline. All over Reddit it’s being blamed on the US despite the fact the CIA warned Germany about a possible incoming attack over the r summer

  15. Yes. The CIA is the good guy. Would never in a million years do something that fundamentally benefits then. Never.

  16. I did not say that lmao but I wouldn’t say 100% it was the US either

  17. Yea the cia warmed of possible attacks already so any Russian trolls can stuff their bs in a sack

  18. It’s a peasant from Monty Python and the Holy Grail… don’t worry, it’ll get better

  19. I dunno about you guys but I don't think uriel looked like that. Mods for his face?

  20. Lol trying to pass off a modded face as vanilla in a sub full of people that know way too much about this game. Bro needs to get his speech up much higher before he tries this shit.

  21. Honestly, as much as I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt, you don’t let THAT word slip unless you say it quite a bit.

  22. To be honest, a while back, there was a guy that worked for another company that a lot of us interacted with that had a big red mark on his face and his name was Stan. I remember people at my office laughing about how one day someone was going to call him “stain” instead. I was kind of appalled at being included in this conversation at a new (at the time) work environment. Most of those people are gone now, but I’ll be damned if years later I still don’t think to myself every time I see this guy “Don’t call him Stain”

  23. Well….lol that’s kind of the problem: Black people arent “N words”

  24. I’m just saying that although it’s likely it’s this guys problem, it could be something others have caused him to have an anxious internal issue about.

  25. They can get angry when using tools like chainsaws or mowers etc and sting you.

  26. This is the longest version of this clip I have ever seen

  27. Although condoms can help a little, they do not stop the transmission of HPV.

  28. My point was to make people aware that condoms will not be 100% effective against all HPV

  29. I guarantee USPS employees will still defend this and somehow make themselves out to be the victims

  30. So juggalos without the music… got it

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