1. Technically yeah, commodore imported to the US with a Pontiac badge slapped on it lol

  2. Choice! (Means ‘good choice’’ in southern hemisphere lingo)

  3. Yes. Dick move. Wide open throttle and horn, then wide open throttle. You my friend are an aggressive dick end

  4. Wait,,, I’ll get the bags and children,,,, right after I look at Facebook on my phone

  5. Shit! I accidentally typed FD and you’re right! It’s a clean FC! This is truly traumatic

  6. ‘We’re a million dollar company, let’s act like one’… You mean faceless and in-human? Cnuts!

  7. You missed the last part. … Give me an example of three MP’s or Mayors for that matter that are currently showing leadership or being publicly visible. Far North is a joke. The most un approachable and not even an MP office that you can visit (previously John Carter had an office and was always approachable, as was Wayne when he was Mayor in the far north). Christchurch too. Have they even got a mayor? It’s the new pandemic and isn’t just limited to Auckland. The issue is that it (Auckland) is the largest city and therefore the mayor is expected to be a robot. He’s a person. I think his aggressive stance was pointing out that instead of panic he evaluated and in the given situation (although his references to buckets was poor) what more could be done? I blame a lack of infrastructure and mushroom housing. It’s a nationwide issue

  8. They all want the job! 😂. I just see it as we tend to forget these people are human beings. John Carter was civil defence until five minutes after the Chch earthquakes then bailed. It seems that most are afraid of a bit of hard graft. We can agree on that. Other than that I can only imagine the pressure that Brownie is under right now. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy

  9. Yet another witch-hunt and public lynching. Crying over spilt milk. Would an earlier call of a state of emergency changed the outcome? When will people start looking forward instead of backwards? As some one already stated ‘we voted the knob job in’ was that forward thinking? Honestly move along people, nothing to see here.

  10. Isuzu ugly (hard to get bits for) vehicross runs a 6VD1W

  11. My friends car got hit right outside of his house, being able to identify this would be a huge help

  12. Is there a ‘lens number’ on there any where for example ‘P8539’? Or ‘22-4653’?

  13. Clamp off hose to booster (was a problem with RX2’s) and see if noise goes away

  14. At this point, it might actually be cheaper to fly to somewhere in Southeast Asia for the weekend, gorge yourself on watermelon, and then fly back home.

  15. Series 3 ran a tallport or injected turbo unless it’s American market with all that emissions crap on it

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