1. We'd have to calculate how tall he is and see how long it takes him to go down that hall to know.

  2. My first ever drill meet I got #1 on the Challenge Colorgaurd.

  3. Dennis? Name of the kid in Hotel Transylvania.

  4. Damn, Tyranitar be knocking that Bidoof up

  5. In AZ replace Zapdos with either its Galarian form or Moltres

  6. Booster energy + acrobatics + tera flying should do the trick.

  7. It's beautiful, they have eyes on the sides of their heads.

  8. What a normal da- Dondozo: What up buttfu..ers?!

  9. Ceilings can work, place one above you and then use stairs or ladders to go up to it.

  10. This is my favorite comment on this post.

  11. We can't let them set up the damn fob!

  12. Grass and Rock: Y u crying when u have never felt true pain?

  13. You get why I said that though right?

  14. I really seem to like starters that nobody likes like meganium, samurott, and delphox

  15. Not the only regional form with a nerf.

  16. User must level up during a battle then faint right after before the battle ends

  17. It's all good, they just wanna give head to u.

  18. (Say nothing) and besides, mods here don't do much, someone violated a rule on a comment I said once and they did nothing.

  19. Dicipline. My class is pretty infamous for being disrespectful so my Flight Commander (AFJROTC) always makes us do not so fun excercises and workouts when we're disrespectful. Even though I don't do anything I still have to join in, like the other third of the class that actually is respectful.

  20. Ancient Mammoth should be the paradox form.

  21. It literally has no weaknesses, technically, so I use it to confuse opponents.

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