When my cousin told my grandma a joke

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  1. I swear to god these islamophobes will use ANYTHING to attack Islam

  2. I'm confused is this post is legit or just fucking with people. If it's legit it's very stupid.

  3. nah man, i'm for real, idk about you guys but where I'm from rice bags are full of little bugs and dust and god knows what

  4. That makes more sense. I think the difference is a lot of places use precooked rice so it's already clean and free of contaminates. Sorry for calling it stupid as that seems like a serious problem.

  5. No, you can get above 40% currently. But nobody can get to 100% for the entire Sumeru region yet. You are missing a lot of what currently is out if you are at 19%.

  6. It requires quite a bit to raise it by 1%. You likely just need to do a lot more. Doing the Aranara quests in particular opens up a lot.

  7. i see thanks you so much, i'll just keep grinding then

  8. I think that’s been happening a lot for people, some people were complaining about it yesterday

  9. Updating the GPU driver seemed to fix it for some people.

  10. Aight thanks for the tip, I'll try it right now

  11. It implies that the person telling the joke would pay money to have a woman urinate on their face

  12. Chickpea is what hummus is made out of. Chick is slang for a woman in the United States. Pee is slang for urination.

  13. Guys my game keep crashing at the laoding screen

  14. the crafting table has a function where you can use artifacts you have and convert them to artifacts from a set of your choice!

  15. yeah of course! as of right now, the only sets are gladiators, noblesse, wanderers, and bloodstained chivalry, but in 3.0 they're adding every artifact set released up to 1.2 (the cutoff is heart of depth and blizzard strayer i believe)

  16. welcome to the US, land of the free... to charge whatever humungus charge you want, without repurcussions

  17. Wow, it's really sad to see how ignorant people are now a days, just spreading hate against Islam without having a clue about it except the lies from fox news and Donald Trump and from Muslims not following their religion. I'm really not surprised anymore, but it's really sad non the less.

  18. this guy looks like someone i would like to be friend with

  19. is it normal for this kind of border gore to happen on non-historical ai ?

  20. Is that a paper bag ??? Damn pollution finally even reached space.

  21. You forgot the burger auto feeder, and the cola cup holder.

  22. nah, a Moroccan here, but ive seen enough memes about Americans from Americans about Americans to get the gist of it.

  23. Man good thing I'm a Muslim, no pork for me. And good thing I got more than two brain cells to not eat raw meat

  24. "The batter was thrown behind, so he dropped a bunt down just to LEVEL the pitcher"

  25. “The batter was thrown behind” - happens in baseball a lot. The intention of the pitcher is to either hit the batter or send an unspoken message about a play or incident earlier in the game.

  26. i can't say that i get it but sounds real cool, thanks for the explanation

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