My mushroom knowledge SUCKS 😵 (pics taken 6 hours apart)

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  1. Next this dumbass going to make video about "Suisei actually selling her piss?"

  2. It appears you weren't working alone.

  3. Wait..... Iirc Venti is the only one who doesn't have resistance, does that mean he's not a true Archon!?

  4. Apparently he does when using hold E:

  5. Him crawling into that pipe then gets shot out like a cannon.

  6. I'm surprised Global is still up. I would've thought the exodus of players moving to JP due to the censorship would've killed it.

  7. I thought I was having a stroke when I first saw this

  8. No but with what happened in the webnovel with shalltear taking arche as her concubine I imagine this with how downbad shalltear is

  9. I'd commission her for other... things...

  10. Climb is going to spend eternity locked in renners bedroom as her sex slave

  11. He gets to spend forever with the woman he love, depending on how you look at it, it still has its ups imo.

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