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Kmart has a doll with Down’s Syndrome

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Adults who neglect COVID-19 health recommendations may also neglect basic road safety. Traffic risks were 50%-70% greater for adults who had not been vaccinated compared to those who had. Misunderstandings of everyday risk can cause people to put themselves and others in grave danger

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  1. The fragileness of the human body has always scared me. The fact that a perfectly healthy person can walk on the street fall funny, somehow not have the reaction time to supress the fall with their arms and die with head first impact is grim. May I wish that mans family, friends and the opponent with a life subscription of guilt good luck. Stay strong.

  2. I get the feeling you made your life miserable, more than anyone else did.

  3. I didnt change anything you clown it was a typo. You want to call people idiots and say fuck you to them for calling a rapist a rapist.

  4. Umm, in a good winter sleeping bag, snow actually acts as insulation. It's a positive. Former Canadian homeless.

  5. I lived outside the last 2 winters in Canada. It's very doable. You need the gear though. You NEED a winter sleeping bag. That's it. It IS doable, just not easy. Good luck buddy.

  6. Yes, it's about the right tools for your situation. I was without a dwelling for over a year in interior Alaska. The arctic sleeping bag is important, proper layers, tarps, wind breaks, tent etc . But is it possible for OP to get a sub zero bag and good tent?

  7. I was very lucky to live in a place with a ton of homeless support. I once had my sleeping bag stolen, I left it for like a minute. I got a better one from the local shelter within a day. People here help a lot. Kept me going. Just been off the street for a month. Very grateful I am, the system actually helped me. I will forever care about the homeless though. My friends are still on the street.

  8. By drinking/doing drugs and generally not giving a shit about anything.

  9. You didn't sell him the card, the other guy did. For all they know, he stole it from you. Deny deny deny.

  10. Reddit users are hypocrites. Jesus, it's a HUGE danger to him and his family,

  11. That's one on the weirdest videos I have ever seen, and I'm not young.

  12. I read this stuff and I understand, but it was not my experience. I got sooooooo much love being homeless.

  13. You need to ask that and that weapon will almost surely be used against you.

  14. It's almost as if he was a fucking idiot this whole time.

  15. Nah, I'm thinking Redditors are probably the idiots. The guy is close to ruling the world.

  16. We really gotta stop with the "ranked 2 in the world" excuse, Belgium wasn't even a top 20 team, in reality.

  17. Umm, it's not an excuse, we outplayed them all game. Just positive thinking, it's kind of what we do....

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