1. Blow into the vape from the bottom. The church carts clog a lot, this preheats the coils and will unclog it 90% of the time.

  2. Thank you very very much!!! As you can tell I don't have much experience with vapes however that cured it's ills hitting like a smokestack now thanks again!

  3. After u get done hitting it, hit it so lightly that the light doesn't come on so some cold air hits the coil, this will prevent condensation in the rod which will prevent further clogging

  4. Some of its decent. My biggest reason I stopped it because you can only get locally grown at their dispo. Add in 20$ extra in gas, plus their have the worst discount available. Military is like 30% but indigant is still 15% and they don’t do ounce discounts like they used to. I used to shop exclusively there, getting ounces of locally grown and loved it. Very nice flower for an affordable price. Then they eliminated the discounts, kept the indigent at 15% and raised their prices. I started to break it down and realized I was paying more per gram for pow flower then to get ancient roots and galenas in Columbus. I mean every dispo here is 25-30% indigent and military plus sales days every day. Unless it’s your closest dispo it just doesn’t end up being worth it over others that actually have sales and decent prices and better product.

  5. Yeppers on the nosey. Absolutely love the Gelato/Neon Gem however once I lost the ability to combine our meager indigent discount with the sale price of ozs it was all done for me. Now I still look for their Gelato but I only buy it at a dispensary that offers better discounts

  6. Nice review, I may have to check these out. I've had zero luck with edibles so far in the program, including RSO. The only "edible" I've found that worked for me so far are the Major drinks.

  7. May I suggest trying the 1906 tablets. It's the only edible I've taken that works well for me so far however I will be trying the drinks. Thank you for the review

  8. Yeah we have that brand but I've never tried it. I guess some people think some of the same products aren't available in multiple States. Lol.

  9. I like the fact they're fast acting. Within 30-40 minutes I feel em hitting. Best edible for the money here.

  10. Probably same formula here. I'm not really an edible fan but I may try these some time. Thanks.

  11. I've got some that tested at 29.7% and some that only tested at 18.6%. The lower testing one is just killer while the one with the biggest number is good but fails to get me like the other one does. Terpenes are literally the determining factor in the type of buzzzz you have.

  12. Does limit apply if you have out of state med card? Also, med tax rate?

  13. I know if you're pulled over in Michigan and have over 2.5 ozs they'll confiscate your cannabis and give you a ticket for up to a $500 fine.

  14. I reup when I see something I want. I haven't ran out in years start making it a priority when I get down to half a zee

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