1. No cart can or will ever be live resin, live resin is a product that should mimic the “live plant” which would mean that concentrate would be majority THCA on the label. These processors that take there “live resin” and then decarb it to make the THCA active to be possible to vape are lying to everyone and using marketing words to try and sell you either distillate or decarbed diamonds.

  2. Out of curiosity why do you prefer THCa to THC? When you are heating cannabis to inhale it, the THCa is converting into THC before it enters your mouth. The "live," part of the name is referring to the terpenes and the fact they are extracted from fresh frozen plant material.

  3. I was just answering about the definition of live resin. not terps, terps don’t make a product live resin the extraction method used does tho. a cart is not able to decarb your oil to make it active? I prefer thc in a vape and thca concentrates like rosin when I am dabbing.

  4. If the oil is really that clear as in the image they are just up charging for a gimmick of water clear oil and still cutting it with Cbd and up charging you lmao.

  5. I agree, You can get a lot more bang for your buck with the POW syringes !

  6. This isn't vape oil I don't think. It's more for an concentrate edible relief like RSO.etc I think.

  7. Been wanting to grab a few of these. Been hearing it's the way to go for a great cart.

  8. If you prefer a bigger hit, throw .1-.2 in a dab rig ! I love vaporizing this oil in my puff co! It’s so smooth

  9. They are $23 for half gram so buy two and get a full gram for under $50!!

  10. Can these be used like RSO or to make edibles? Or are they vape only?

  11. Hows the oil quality compared to Grow ohios luster pods?

  12. Grow Ohio does not winterize their oil. The oil still has fats and lipids in it !

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