1. I offed him, not because of the rewards, but because of vengeance for El Tigre and Jonron

  2. Cool looking, though some of the colors clash a bit

  3. One of Scorpion’s abilities is similar to Wonder Woman’s Lasso Spin I believe

  4. Winter and her Ace-Ops are complete swingers and would have sex with any person if they offer it to them

  5. Me: takes out DB shotgun and cocks it Sorry, but the poor thing needs to be put down

  6. Maybe try unplugging it, leave it alone for a few minutes and plug it back in & try it again

  7. You think Team RWBY becomes Guest Character of “Injustice 3”?

  8. My man caught a fucking Darkrai just to get revenge on his childhood rival.

  9. As someone who plays on the Xbox One S, #3 is a hard no for me. The game struggles to run on my console as it is. Doing that would literally make it so I can’t play the game until I have a new console.

  10. Thinking about a PS5, but I’m afraid of repurchasing every single dlc I have

  11. I very much prefer Aureliashipping over Amourshipping

  12. Eh, I prefer Aureliashipping over Amourshipping because the latter have been pulverized into the ground for years

  13. Just checked your link, that dude has some ugly art style. Hate to be rude but 0/10 can't jerk to trash art

  14. There will be another Genndy show by the end of the year(or beginning of the next). It's gonna be completely different, but maybe he can make you like the characters as much as you did with Spear and Fang. Or not its not your thing, but his shows generally has this "feeling" across them.

  15. It was more or less Primal’s setting that drawn me into it

  16. Yeah, Wonder Woman is kinda terrible both moves and abilities wise

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