1. Thank you for your reply! I’ve already made peace that the doc will see the same severity as the CT and even that I’ll probably need polyps removed, but I’m so happy to hear you had the “twinges” too and had no issues afterwards…🫶🏻

  2. I had three polyps removed with the cold loop. I have Bentyl to take if the "twinges" get to be a little too much.

  3. Were all of your polyps benign? I’m going to ask the Doctor about Bentyl, thanks for mentioning that.

  4. All were benign. It works, for me, about 8 hours per dose

  5. if you have choice, do you prefer nylons or socks? :)

  6. Same ribbons. My doctor told me to hydrated more.

  7. 34/m my first flare up I had a huge abscess surgeon inserted a jp drain through my abdomen into abscess and pulled puss with a syringe then added a bulb that is always on suction that has to be drained periodically. I had it for about 3-4 weeks. It relieved the pain and I felt better in days with iv antibiotics and sent home with antibiotics. My colon never healed completely because I also had a perforation with abscess so it left me with a smoldering case of diverticulitis.

  8. Had the drain inserted for about 10 days. I think I'm there with you, Perforations with abcesses in June 2022. Working through my 3rd flair now. Another CT scan next week and follow up with my surgeon.

  9. I had 3 major flares and a few small in between just had open colon resection surgery in December and still healing up but doing well l.

  10. Hope you are doing well. How long was your hospital stay after resection? I'm very sure my surgeon is going to recommend resection.

  11. Our cats (2) would chew through the plastic bag and eat an entire loaf of bread while we were at work. So, our bread was stored in the refrigerator.

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