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  1. Can't argue with that. That's why I don't watch much TV anymore.

  2. Those aren't really the full specs. If you look further there should be a spec page or section saying what i5 processor there is, what brand ssd, etc. From there we could make a determination if it's good or bad. There are very low end i5s and very high end, just need to know what it is first.

  3. I forgot about this meme template. Thanks

  4. Sounds like a Scottish accent from Fife.

  5. That would suck to be a (semi) famous actor and get mistaken for someone more famous

  6. This "semi-famous" has actually aand ironically a successful film and TV career. Lol

  7. UK is full. If the government doesn't stop this mass immigration it's going to create a civil war...then good luck with that.

  8. Can we just for once let something magnificent be ?!

  9. Le lapin des kassos aurait plus sa place ici ! Lol

  10. Oh ffs can you stop linking the fuck of out every rainbow to pride month.

  11. Agreed, but equally every boomer and his dog owning multiple properties doesn't help either.

  12. Scotland has this massive issue with second homes own by English, Welsh, Irish, Americans etc.

  13. I don't want to pierce your bubble but it is quite common in Europe this design.

  14. The knocking?! Yes. The dishwasher?! No.

  15. "Deep" cleaning goes "deep" within your. ..soul !

  16. I was in a hurry when I posted. I actually meant to say cleansing, but my autocorrect screwed me. You know the whole idea that rocks contain energy that can magically do something depending on what type it is.

  17. I'm surprised the tories aren't more supportive of the SNP, the votes they took from Labour really helped the tories stay in power last election. Useful idiots.

  18. Did you put "useful idiots" and tories in the same sentence?!

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