I told my husband that my dad beats me and I really regret it

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  1. Hope the chiefs win next week. Starting to hate the bengals

  2. Yeah Bengals only showed class to y’all the last few weeks and ofc its logical to hate on them 🥴

  3. It’s a pretty spoon though! How do you rate it?

  4. That’s alright! Sexuality isn’t static anyway. I thought I was a gray-ace lesbian for a year, but when presented with new information (attraction to a man) my previous hypothesis was disproven by this new information. I realized instead I was bisexual but still gray ace. And that’s alright. Good love is good love.

  5. Wait... So... You don't like cereal, or milk, but you prefer to drink your cereal?

  6. Me too. Texture and flavor thing for me. Not sure about OP, but I’m guessing it’s similar. See, sometimes a bowl of cereal is nice. I don’t seek it out, but if it’s there and I want it, I’ll eat it. But the spoon is an obstacle. Drinking is the only way.

  7. I love this where did you get it? I’d like to get one

  8. It is a scientific FACT that either Jack or Jill is trans because identical twins cannot be opposite sexes at birth. They are 100% identical. They share the same chromosomes.

  9. Why is every Trumpie’s wet dream just the same military state apocalypse scenario?

  10. You and your husband both set a good example for your children by going to the police after a domestic assault. Your mother set a good example for your children, and hopefully for you too, by divorcing an abuser. You all set good examples by standing up for what is right even against the patriarch of your family. 20 years down the line, your kids or people your kids know may be victims of domestic violence too. But they will think about mom, dad, and grandma, and they will know what to do. And they will need to know the abuse is the fault of the abuser, not the victim.

  11. Only if you’re not comfortable and can’t exercise in them! To me you look sporty, comfy, casual, and cute. Perfect gym attire (:

  12. If they allow him in the room against your will, that is a huge violation of your rights. Because of this, it should not happen. If medical professionals allow someone into your room during a procedure of any kind without permission from you, you can and should sue. You’re completely in the right. It’s your body. Others should not try to convince you to compromise on your boundaries or tell you that you are evil for not allowing someone to cross your set boundary.

  13. I’ve looked there and just looked again to make sure, nothing. Any specific or hidden area in the center console I should check?

  14. Also RIP the Focus ‘98-‘25 ☹️ Ford pioneered economical compact vehicles, but I guess SUV’s are where the moneys at now.

  15. bro where it at i need to play my music i cant deal with this radio anymore

  16. Bluetooth to FM/AM radio transmitter plugs into cigarette lighter next to radio. Really all you can do, so sorry. Not too bad of a rig for what it’s worth. Absolutely beats the radio.

  17. What’s that white stuff? If it’s powered sugar, I’m in. If it’s anything else, it’s lame and I hate it.

  18. It’s like he’s waiting for u to come sit w him on the couch

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