1. Her father, Dominick Dunne wrote an article abt this for Vanity Fair.

  2. Birth rates are declining all over the world (except India, and some countries in Africa). I will say it forever, we are in our extinction event. We, us, humans, we are part of the extinction event.

  3. It’s the way Romanian justice system works. It’s a bit strange compared to what we are used to but the norm for them. Seems Romania will take you into custody while they build a case and then charge you with the crimes. They have 180 days max to hold someone before they have to charge then or let then go.

  4. There’s a lot of jokes about the woman looking manly but I just read about this at the Penn Museum of Archaeology: Roman women on tombstones etc of this period were often shown in the most austere, “masculine” light possible. It was just the in vogue stylistic choice of that era.

  5. Wow! Nice job taking time to read through what I was actually saying! Since I already disproved BOTH of your resources they don't stand for anything within what you have said here. I will help you out again! Source one has no mention of forcing someone to shower and only talks about how if an adult is showing with their child when said child is more towards the pubescent side is in fact sexual abuse, and your other source only says if you are using words that are detrimental to the child's mental health to get them to shower is abuse, but does not say getting your child to shower is abuse.

  6. As you can see i just barely showed you that this is not in fact child abuse, so I am not defending child abuse! If it were actual abuse I wouldn't have said anything as I have been abused countless times in the past by my parents and wouldn't wish it on anyone.

  7. No reasonable person would take it as a given that this meant that tuition would not need to be paid.---- he presented the facts------ DID HE?

  8. No baby. If the mom says no then he can’t put his kid in the private school.

  9. Yeltsin coup too only was possible cause of Bill Clinton’s administration. Russia could’ve have come out of the USSR in much better shape than what the western shock doctrineers and nomenklatura-oligarchs hustled up under Yeltsin. They just needed a guy who wasn’t a drunk idiot, who could be wholly depended on and knew how to play the game, to sit in the executive office once Yeltsin burned out. Cue Putin, the rest is history.

  10. NTA. Here is some unsolicited life advice. If there is no room at the table for your relationship, there is no room for your personal growth.

  11. Your 13 yr old sister wanted to make your parents a cake. You couldn't let her do that, huh. YTA

  12. You did everything wrong. 1. Tell your step daughter to stay OUT of your daughters room. 2. Tell your step daughter to stay OUT of your daughters stuff.

  13. Dude, you chose your gf you have dated less than a yr over your daughter and you wonder why your daughter is upset?? You didn't include your age bc you didn't want me to tell you to date within your peer group. YTA

  14. You are getting married. You get to invite, exclude who you want. Full stop

  15. "I gave her my reasons and told her we just wanted to protect her and her kids."-------She is 52, btw.

  16. Some of his brothers have kids. And Stellan (his dad) has two younger sons as well (born 2009 and 2012).

  17. Honey they are not your kids and not your responsibility. Walk away. Save yourself years of misery and heartbreak.

  18. I dont like it. what is it? I trust BKF (even though I have no idea what IT is either)

  19. baking soda, quartz, sodium silicate, and soap, is in the pink stuff. So, abrasives. Try a pumice stone for the same effect

  20. I saw this on Cozy places. What a treat to see this house here. So lovely, so inviting I saved the pictures. I can dream and say, Someday.

  21. I had my c1-c9 disc replaced. They took a piece of my pelvis to use, so I don't have the top of the pelvis on my right side. I also have menieres, so I walk with a cane, etc.

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