AITA for yelling at another parent during pickup?

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I needed this today

  1. Elbow grease and comet (Bartenders friend). Just sook it first

  2. Biden activated emergency services the day before IAN hit. If federal aid isn't getting through, perhaps state agencies need to be looked at.

  3. Her office is only open 2 days a week and is not responsive to constituitent needs.

  4. you were wrong. now you are moving goalposts

  5. Ok, AOC did not have a district office until her constitutents went to the media. Now, a staffer may in fact be there for 4 hours 2 days a week, but there is no assurance that the office will be open.

  6. Bullying is emotional abuse. You have no obligation to let your abuser live with you. Good riddance to him

  7. To quote the Wire "My name is my name". The mom has no right to rename your kid bc she doesn't like it.

  8. The boy in the box. Always and forever my I need to know case.

  9. I get stabby reading her posts. Ilaria is not a name, I don't' care. Its just not

  10. I will delete my post. I opened Reddit bc insomnia. I should not have replied, and should not have been so hostile in my reply. Thank you for correcting me

  11. "Unnecessary abortion, fetus scenes, unnecessary sexual abuse scenes, unnecessary naked scenes, unnecessary use of “daddy” over and over again."

  12. Stop this. Monroe married after high school and was discovered by a life photographer. She hooked up with Jimmy Hyde, a married, legendary agent who protected her, paid for her plastic surgeries (yes, she had several), and got her acting jobs. Monroe had no more and no less a tough life than millions of other women. And in fact, Hyde protected her. And she wasn't a great looker or actor at the start. She had to be tough to hang in until she met Hyde. Monroe had agency. She wasn't some victim. She made active, real choices. She may not have liked how the choices turned out, and she may not have liked the roles she was offered. That's no different than millions of ppl.

  13. I know is it even legal to leave a 12 year old unsupervised with a 4 year old ? Why would you even ask her ? .... and Holy mother of God that line is just .... jaw dropping ...

  14. Yes 12 is legal. I believe Red Cross baby sitting classes start at 12 also

  15. I taught ESL/Literacy at a correctional facilty for 8 years. Yes, our laws are unfair and unjust and racist. Every person in jail is there and strangly is innocent. I learned early on not to ask abt their backgrounds. We all see ppl in different contexts, and we really get to know just parts of them. OP, if your bf is NC, then you either trust him or not. You didn't trust him. That's on you and YTA

  16. The dress is pretty and I bet you looked beautiful. The bride was prolly jealous. NTA

  17. Both are aholes. You should not have said anything abt the house, and he should have respected your wishes and not gone to the wedding.

  18. God nope, nope, nope, nope, nope. Just build an isolation hut and use that, why not.

  19. Thank you. I saved this. and thanks to this sub. I save a lot of recipes and feel more confident cooking vegan.

  20. This is absolutely horrible, but at the same time it is the embodiment of "Fuck around and find out".

  21. OK, i don't know anything abt anatomy, this made me feel better.

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