1. I just quit my job because it's too far from the sober living, but I was making 2k

  2. Do not do that unless it’s an absolutely last resort. There are so many benefits to just having an address and being able to go inside and sleep somewhere knowing you won’t be interrupted by police. Don’t make yourself homeless unless there is no other option.

  3. Thanks for the info- they have a location that's hiring in death valley. The employee housing part seemed vague on their job listing, I guess now it's like 400 bucks a month for an employee dorm? Still better than 20 roommates at 600 though

  4. I mean, if you have no drug/alcohol addiction & looking to start a new life for yourself.

  5. What will happen if police think you're hiding? I thought it was better to not be seen and pick the darkest places possible. I'm in southern California in the safest city in cali luckily, and I have a job currently. Thank you for the advice

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  7. I am one hairy mf, I have hair like if a gorilla was human, and honestly it's weird but I kinda wanna keep it

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  10. Every time I post to transpassing that’s what I get, and I never know how to take it. The brainworms tell me I’m hopeless.

  11. You are legit pretty, I think you should try plucking your eyebrows thinner and try a hairstyle with bangs though for maximum cuteness

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