1. I had a Jungler purposefully run it down because our top laner accidentally took red when trying to help him get it.

  2. I had a adc who followed me to all my jungle camps helping me kill them he was so nice. He did accidentally take a couple but I’m sure he didn’t mean too.

  3. One of my favorite gifts from my wedding was my very first ever toolset lol. Also it was one of a few items that were for me lmao

  4. I think handwritten letters are extremely undervalued in today's society. There's something special about receiving a physical letter in the mail that just can't be replicated by email or text.

  5. When I was deployed overseas, getting mail that had nothing but letters, snacks, and Arizona sweet tea, were the highlights of my time. Reading what someone physically wrote just for you has a special feeling about it.

  6. We pay for prime because of Amazon. My wife buys a lot and uses audible, video and such. Stuff like this, extras on games I happen to play, are 100% bonus and have no effect on the fact that we have prime.

  7. Imagine people out here paying for prime just to get video game loot lmfaoooooo

  8. i know its cliche but i wanna know what the fuck is going on in the bermuda triangle. i was obsessed with that shit as a kid

  9. cause who the fuck do oyu think plays a role with 0 impact willingly ?

  10. “The maximum number of people have already replied to this form”

  11. I graduated top 2% from Harvard Law but I can’t find a team cuz I’m hardstuck associate smh

  12. Ironically, I’m sure that the top 0.25% view you as a dogshit lawyer tbh haha

  13. Why take 7 times why not just do it on the first 6

  14. For anyone interested, here are the results for all neutral answers:

  15. Haha amazing, that's what I like to hear. I have been asked to create a totally off-meta one so I may do that later!

  16. I would love that 100% I enjoy off meta picks so much I like going against the grain and playing my own style.

  17. Huni lost both sides of the matchup to smeb too, rip

  18. I don’t think GimGoon is particularly better than Odo, for example. And Flandre wasn’t “weakside” but he was the weakest of the 5 EDG players during that worlds playoff run.

  19. He might have been the weakest out of the 5 players to win worlds, but relative to the skill level of other top laners especially EU he was by no means weak. He was 1v9ing games with Graves.

  20. Do you think it’s really strong? What’s your opinion on it?

  21. I think it’s situational. Like super busted against Kalista or any champs centered around autos or during big team fights/ objective flips. Last years trynda spam is what got Nasus supp put on the map, specifically for his wither.

  22. What an agressive Reddit comment to start your morning with. This reminds me of a comment I saw calling everyone low Elo trash who couldn't deal with ASol, a noob stomper that would never be picked in pro. Lmao.

  23. Man woke up this morning and chose verbal abuse

  24. All the keria votes for MVP is dope I like when supports win big accolades like that.

  25. That would pair nicely with my Witch-King Viego and the two Saurons. Although I wonder how I will get the models for them 🤔

  26. LOTRO or some of the older LOTR games from like GameCube come to mind (if that helps). I know Jack shit about coding or making a custom skin.

  27. Oh I just need to know if there is e.g. a game, which has Gandalf/Legolas as full, 3D characters. But don't worry, I've already found Gandalf the White!

  28. What do you want? skins? maybe they should give away ultimate skins to satisfy you?

  29. Id love an ultimate skin for watching the xth game of zeri lulu/ Lucian nami

  30. I think that Yuumi has the very special and unique trait of being universally hated.

  31. Yeah the one time I decide to root for an org even when my players leave the team, I get rewarded with this. So now I won’t be making that mistake again. Wherever Jojo/Inspired go is where I go.

  32. I like the analogy of champs and their “archetype’s” it makes drafts much easier to think about.

  33. I swear to God if Dardo somehow gets involved in the Valorant side I'll pay for the fucking truck all by myself.

  34. I have a CDL A I can drive anything you rent for free.

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