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  1. It being standalone before release would not make sense because they would A) need to keep the mechanics of the old game B) Introduce mechanics / gear of the new game which in turn would spoil some of the story mode combat stuff before the main games release.

  2. There's a YouTuber I follow and he's rocking 3 legendaries. He's basically turned his class ability into an ult with how OP it is. And the SK more or less brings the cooldown back down with how he times the kills after the explosive arrow. Heres the build if your interested.

  3. Thanks guys, I'm looking to take my time with this game and do all the side missions etc, so wanted to know what the structure is in terms of unlocking / accessing them.

  4. That’s good to know! I haven’t played ronin yet cause I’ve been testing my Sami with different stats but I assumed it wasn’t going to be that much of a difference. Specially with caltrops having munitions now too.

  5. Yeah I think in the grand scheme of things it's not going to be that bad. Especially if you have multiple people running munitions and then you have 4/6 maps with ammo refill shrines ontop of the ammo refill scattered throughout the map.

  6. What I posted to some one else. For ne this is my perfect set up

  7. Hey Nick, do you think a sequel to face off would have worked if your character had survived in the original?

  8. Slightly off topic but the assassin's English voice commands are hilarious, especially his various "help" one's. And the sounds he makes when swinging the katana seem so overkill compared to the other ghosts 🤣

  9. Wasn't the ronin in the GOT artbook shown to be 139 ki level. It makes you think they already have the groundwork laid out to for higher ki gear / enemy balancing in place already. Of course this could have just been the game in alpha phase with placeholder gear etc.


  11. Patience like the rest of the guys said. I ended up getting mine with some randoms (2 ronin, 2 assassin). I just casually hoped on for a game after work thinking the inevitable will happen soon or later and before I knew it wave 15 done and hidden heart unlocked.

  12. Well I left for a while after ronin got nerfed update.

  13. I have a similar build. I would try swapping stat damage on the stealth charm for 10% oni damage. For me I noticed a difference, especially against the purple oni archers. Plus having 20% oni damage from your katana and charm will apply to your spirit kunai and all other forms of damage whereas stat damage is fire / poison damage only.

  14. I use the Stone striker the most for my Ronin which is overall my favorite class. I like WOTF better than fire or poison blade bc you can use it to bust down those bigger shield or spear guys- it's especially helpful on Platinum or Nightmare modes. I'll sometimes use an epic water katana, sometimes with water master instead WOTF. I can't remember the other perks that I sometimes use. What does proc stand for?

  15. Proc meaning to trigger or activate the effect. Yeah I'm in the same boat WOTF is handy to have to melt down someone in your way ASAP.

  16. The percentage you have in your gear is the amount of resolve you recieve per hit taken, damage recieved does not matter.

  17. I usually main as a samurai and it's that emotion of feeling like a true badass samurai with the excellent combat mechanics that have had me hooked on this and put other games to the side. It reminds of the feeling I got when I first played arkham asylum and felt like I was actually batman as sad as that may sound 😅

  18. A legendary healing gourd that applies the poison effect to enemies. Stacks with toxic vanish radius on assassin charm.

  19. Nice build, I would also give super armour a try instead of fire master. Since they nerfed cooldown and the active time of raging flame, I feel you get more out of it with super armour. One or two hits and your abilities gone before you know it. To compensate for the lack of fire master you can run status effect damage on your forbidden medicine when you aquire it. And you can also run status effect duration on your ghost weapon one slot.

  20. There are some challenges I have finished:

  21. Yes!!! This mirrors my hope for a “Defend” endless horde mode! In my mind an endless horde mode related exactly as you describe is the perfect other mode if they were to do one.

  22. A big statement but I think if done right with correct balancing, the mode could become the fan favourite over survival.

  23. 100% agree! I posted some very similar ideas here:

  24. Anyone know what the song at 23:30 is? It sounds like Nothing But Thieves but cant find it anywhere. Maybe an unreleased song for the game? Wanna add it to my playlist.

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