1. Well i guess he never was there 🤷‍♂️

  2. Yeah but sizewise 1 Jzpiter fits 1300 earths

  3. But you don't measure strength by the size of the objects you can lift/push, do you?

  4. I mean in general size usually equals weight.

  5. Uhhh I thought they said they fixed this exact problem during week 1. Honestly the amount of work that Blizz has to do for this one single affix to make it not completely fuck a dungeon is just way too much. I don't understand how they haven't gotten to the point where they just get rid of it.

  6. U mean like they "fixed" Wise Maris beam not randomly jumping around/VFX being idle on one point

  7. Have you tried not being on the same loot table as the raid lead?

  8. Its a thing that people just kick others on the same loot table?

  9. So those dotted lines were just shit all this time? Not just some artist way of showing a bees flight pattern? Just shit? TIL

  10. That yellow "shit" there is the bees intestines.

  11. Looks more like a multiboxer than a botter to me

  12. This is the worst part of running your own keys... This week for me has been AA, CoS, AA, back to CoS.

  13. 2 weeks prior it was 4 sbg and cos each back to back god that was aids

  14. Loot system working as intended honestly. The loot roll changes are only there foe the detrimental tier sets.

  15. Dude, wtf. I'm pretty sure I've heard of this fetish.

  16. Reminds me of the scene in American Gods where a Goddess eats someone with her pussy 🤣

  17. What episode and timestamp? So i can avoid it at all costs.

  18. Dunno the timestamp but its within the first 3 episodes of season 1

  19. Dont tell people to do with their money :D

  20. The "movement" has done a lot of... . oh right... nothing.

  21. Little to no mechanics that are key breaking the whole dungeon, until you reach nerzhul with a one shot mechanic of stepping in the shadow of the ritual of bones. Happens almost every key where atleast 2 people get the debuff.

  22. There is a debuff when walking through the skellies?

  23. You really can’t put a number on it, it’s all subjective. There is no possible way I am inviting a 2.6k package deal to my 23s. If I’m on my alt and doing 16-20s? Absolutely.

  24. I was talking about OJs example, if he is running mid-keys (albeit for a casual 15s are probably high keys) there is nothing bettee than a 2.6k package deal.

  25. Cool, enjoy ksm when you get it in a week.

  26. U get a fuckton of dps to apply of all classes, especially if u invite tank/heal before dps

  27. Thanks for the tip, didn't know that. Haven't put up a key for group finder before.

  28. Well it seems u think him being picky will make it take longer to get ksm (if he does not already have it) when you can be picky as fuck with DPS cus of the abundance.

  29. for context, we were the only ones dropping at that POI and those 3 corpses were just hovering in the air when we walked in

  30. Are you expecting me to feel sorry that the descendants of colonists can't keep their land?

  31. Again, its not their fault that they are colonists ancestors. And its less about that they cant keep their land in the Zimbabwean example, but how the Zimbabweans "reclaimed" their land, just to beg the former owners to come back cus they couldnt handle it.

  32. It's not their fault that their ancestors stole the land but it is their fault if they don't understand why the govt won't let them keep it. Obviously a couple white settlers owning most of the arable land and keeping themselves separate from the rest of the country isn't sustainable.

  33. Did u read the link i sent you? They did not keep themselves seperate.

  34. RLP is so much better now. It's not free like SBG and CoS - but that's perfectly fine. It finally joins the mid-pack group (Nokhud, Jade Serpent, Academy, Halls on some weeks) of "this lives or dies depending on affixes". Like most, if not the entire bunch in an ideal world, should be.

  35. NO is on the easier side of Dungeons with almost all afixes tho, its piss ez to ++ even on high keys if players know what to doy even in PUGs and its way more enjoable the SBG(Slow Boring Grounds)

  36. I.m 2.4k and i sometimes clear it rather early when i'm running with 2 ranged that stand max range, without bothering to move

  37. They could make an affix that gives your party 20% damage buff and people on here would complain that it should be 40%.. smh

  38. I freak out when people say they beat this game in less than 100 hrs. Do y'all use a guide? I played blind spent nearly 200hr, ALTHOUGH I did check if EVERY SINGLE NPC's dialogue would change after every story event. It was worth it.

  39. Yep, used a guide cus i absolutely loathe missing stuff.

  40. This but iskaara. All mine are 23+ and my iskaara is like 15

  41. Same capped on Valdrakken, 24 on expedition, 22 on Maruuk and then there is Iskara at 17 🤣

  42. Its not only Taza tho, you can run all the old SL dungeons on MC and get 35 valor

  43. I'm getting half lobby masters and predators being a bronze 4

  44. I feel like half my bronze lobbies is diamonds+, meanwhile i get 2 fellow bronzes that hotdrop next to the diamonds and insta die

  45. I read the novel, cant be bothered to read the manwha 😅

  46. Rank reset split season welcome to apex😂😂😂 I was getting scrubbed up in gold lobbies last night by all master and pred squads

  47. Getting hounded by a bunch of Diamonds+ as a Bronze 1 is really tiring me out and making me want to uninstall :/

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