"Welcome foolish mortals..." Here it is! The full cue and ride of my recreation of Disneyland's Haunted Mansion in the game, Planet Coaster. Several months of hard work and 22,282 individually placed pieces. I hope everyone enjoys this labor of love for my favorite Disneyland attraction!

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  1. I literally just moved yesterday & the way the movers did it was we took out the shelves and then they wrapped the cabinet with cardboard boxes they cut up and taped together to fit/shape the cabinet inside to protect the cabinet and then put it upright in the truck.

  2. Does anyone know if uci does 8 hour or 12 hour shifts?

  3. Why does no one talk about Sam Lufti maybe playing a part in destroying her mind? He also managed Amanda Bynes and she also went crazy. I’m wondering if he gave them hard drugs like meth or something that forever altered their brain chemistry & pushed them over the edge mentally. How are people not looking into this guy’s behavior?

  4. Oh it was flying around though…I didn’t know grasshoppers fly. Cool!

  5. Thank you so much for this! Apartment hunting is not fun but your lists have really made us hopeful! Thank you!

  6. Typical because some people can make alot of money on paycheck but can be a big spender and/or have alot of expenses that they can’t afford the rent. Due to eviction memorandum in LA county, it will get extremely strict with high demand. I have a friend whose renter make 6 figures a year and haven’t pay rent for the last 2 year…

  7. That’s horrible. We paid our rent the entire time of COVID and I’m wondering how many people out there didn’t. It must have been a nightmare for landlords.

  8. Severance off site, severance panel. Panel was cool because it was Ben stiller, Adam Scott’s first times and they were super taken back. Patton Oswalt was a fun mod. Good cast chemistry.

  9. For sure regarding the Severance off site - so many Easter eggs and small details that were so amazing if you watched the show.

  10. I got an exposure warning from comic con weekend & one of the smaller panels that I went to the panelist tested positive 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’m sure COVID was rampant all over sdcc. Glad they really enforced the masking

  11. Did any of you guys also happen to see the clipboard the guy was carrying in O&D It had some type of water pitcher or vase on it and some writing, I wanted to try to get a picture but missed it. loved all the little details and easter eggs.

  12. We learned from previous days to try to go for a middle time slot. Not beginning and not the end because we figured most people would go for the first few slots.

  13. There was a QR code outside on the lawn where the FX stuff is. If not there is also a standby line.

  14. Are you looking for anymore people? My BF and I would be interested. We used to do Hall H with a big group but a lot are not attending after the last two years of no comic-con.

  15. I remember when they also touted no tipping needed at the start of it all as another benefit of using Uber vs Cab

  16. Thanks for this productive and kind response to my question and ask for help.

  17. This browning is likely due to the lack of chlorophyll in the leaf, highly variegated leaves like this don’t typically last long sadly, you wont be able to prevent the browning or slow it down I don’t believe but now that it’s absorbing this leaf again it’ll put out a new one soon :))

  18. Thank you for the honest & non-judgmental productive response.

  19. piggybacking this thread: I have a couple of seedlings, when would be the best time to move them to LECA? when there are enough roots?

  20. Curious how they did in leca? I just got a seedling and am wondering the same thing.

  21. for reference here’s another view of the setup. they put a bubbler in the reservoir

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