1. My ocd tells you it's spelled Jeremy Collins.

  2. For me it was Katrina getting voted out in Heroes vs Villians Vs Hustlers because Chrissy had the idol that could only be played that tribal council and I thought she was going to use it to save Katrina.

  3. Don't know why this is getting negged. The edit did mislead us that Katrina and chrissy were a tight duo, which was not the case at all. Chrissy wanted Katrina out

  4. I told you I was never watching this show again! (Proceeds to watch show.) - survivor reddit in a nutshell

  5. DAMMIT I was just about to comment exactly this

  6. The luck we’ve had at 1B must explain the terrible luck at 3B in the same window

  7. You are not insulting my man's Frazier and crede

  8. I loved Crede but at the end of the day, he had only two good seasons for the Sox. We’ve had a lot more years of Mark Teahens, Jeff Keppingers and Conor Gillispies than anything else

  9. 0 vote finalist 100 percent. More money and I'd have like fun. I've gotten it in orgs and I'm sure that final tribal would be so argumentative

  10. Mikasa rengoku and killua goddammit lmao nice job for all

  11. Who was the school lunch lady who lost her job because of the popularity she got on the show? She ended up taking a janitor position that was later hours, so she didn't get to see her family much, and was really sad about the turn things took after Survivor.

  12. Denise china she didn't lose her job she got promoted she lied in the reunion

  13. i knew jacob derwin for a bit. incredibly sweet, kinda awkward dude who is so embarrassed by his time on survivor.

  14. Natten Phillip are obvious so ill throw some underrated ones

  15. Well done sir, I wanted noelle to break the amputee record ;(

  16. Someone in a later season cancelled 9 votes using an idol.

  17. ^ this is the correct answer this person with 9 votes voided has the record

  18. My grandpa has these cards. They're not updated since 05 I think?

  19. Honestly same about noelle. Like I don't even wanna watch without her. She was my Maryanne. Who do I root for now?

  20. Taj ain't coming back but id love her too

  21. It's online voting. People could spam for their favorites. They also didn't actually take everyone with the highest vote count. They broke it in to archetypes and took a few from each one. For instance, Brad Culpeper had more votes than Abi, but survivor decided to categorize him with Terry and Savage, who he had fewer than.

  22. Well when it comes to your changes, as much as I adore Yul, if Ozzy won I highly doubt most people would think about him often if remember him at all. And had Russell won Samoa and/or HvV, and Boston Rob won literally any season he played on, Redemption Island as a season would change drastically.

  23. Gavin gets a whole better edit lmao. They wanted to make it look like Gavin did shit nothing in the season.

  24. Who do you think takes Aubry’s spot on EoE in this scenario? Maybe Dom?

  25. They probably want one female maybe a chrissy?

  26. Baelfire is my favorite character so my choice is obvious. I wish there was at least a reference to what he did once he got back its just like I escaped on a shadow and next he's meeting Emma.

  27. I rank vaanus ending the highest both both are good options Rourke is awful

  28. Granted rob isn't telling lex if there is a shot in the dark

  29. Good idea till they cast raven Walton and aaryn gries.

  30. Whether or not Russell should have won Samoa.

  31. My bad. I have no clue how I had forgotten that.

  32. No new info. It's only that one episode (14, I believe) that is a recap though. Everything else follows the story.

  33. I know Jack came up with Lumuwaku, got voted out, then Jamal and Janet brought it up again.

  34. Lone Wolf is a good ending. Not in terms of outcome for the brothers, but it's an excellent tragic outcome that was foreshadowed at several points in previous episodes. It's also realistic to how an anti-society Daniel would react to Sean changing his mind last minute.

  35. I don't know if your first point is unpopular. I agree lone wolf is super well done cinematically. People hate it because well your main character is dead but it's definitely a different way to go about things.

  36. A hanging piece of paper that makes you lose your vote and the only consolation prize being a visit to Rob and Sandra who give you a piece of paper and pen to write a fake mote

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