1. Sources: Ceserio is beside himself. Driving around downtown Denver begging (thru texts) Walton's family for address to Ryan's hotel

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  3. Not even mods, they're pretty unuseful ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  5. You're not wrong, but how many years have there even been a set of brother coaches in opposite conferences? Only pair I can think of are the years Jim Harbaugh was in the league. Whereas there are many more player brother sets out there

  6. I thought the Shula Brothers might have overlapped but while Dave was the Bungals coach, Mike wasn't an NFL HC. Did coach Bama for a bit tho

  7. I hate "second highest of something" tweets that don't tell you what the first is.

  8. Packers-Cowboys on FOX in 2017 (26.1, 48.52M)

  9. Agreed, modding from the app is super frustrating

  10. What is dilly dilly? My grandma used to love dilly bars from Wendy's.

  11. Dilly dilly is from a bud light ad campaign.

  12. Meanwhile you have shit like the Texans giving Brock ossweiller 80 mil after 5 starts?

  13. 37 million guaranteed (which was still a terrible contract) but it had the 80 million (or so) total value if they had kept him through the whole thing, which never happens on these reported contracts.

  14. Really hope we get a coach and qb that allows us to be the first texas team to break through the divisional round this century

  15. If the cowboys won, he was giving away recently purchased furniture for free. He wins either way

  16. If you don't like this, you don't like Dallas Cowboys Playoff Football

  17. Is he carrying some of that smoked brisket he was talking about? Bc if he is, he can approach me in a bar or in a car. Here or there, Cal can approach me anywhere

  18. We don’t believe in eating pigs in our culture so seems you mistaken on that one

  19. It's the main thing you're known for

  20. Jags are the only ones who can stop the Jags today. Chiefs D is poop

  21. Kerry really dropped the ball on this one. Had the 1 seed on the Titans and couldn't get it done.

  22. Titans really don't like being the 1 seed

  23. So what’s worse, brides, mother in law’s, or grizzlies?

  24. There is a reason that bear is staying on the other side of the river.

  25. This is the one that I was looking for on here.

  26. Say what you will about the Texans but they’ve gotta be the most consistent team on here

  27. Counterpoint : Take a QB (or two or three.)

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