1. I figger you get 40 or 50 solid years of guiltin her w this.

  2. I believe hitler’s technique was to press his lips around the barrel and aim upward through the hippocampus. I cannot recommend his choice calibre. A fat subsonic round like .45 ACP would be preferred.

  3. Uh… irish navy? Hokaayyy… Eire ain’t NATO, right?

  4. Have a look at jd sallinger’s “hillbilly elegy” or “american nationS” by woodard. These will help you understand.

  5. That seems a bit over the top for STOL. Couldn’ they land lengthwise on the wing??

  6. I’m into it. I’m not into the damned acronym. Teachers label a small area of the bulletin board PBIS and hold a PBIS training for students. That’s dumb. Also, I don’t like that it stands foe so many things: simplified rules, unified expectations, positive outlook in rules, specific expectations in disciplinary escalation …

  7. Sell this mother lode on ebay, donate the proceeds.

  8. Oakland. SF is very expensive, but wages are also much higher than elsewhere. It’s basically sunny and perfect weather year round. No need for a car. Totally walkable and bikeable. It’s perfect other than the cost. Oakland is a little less expensive and it’s even warmer. Oakland.

  9. Not without issues. Large reservoir of desperate emotionally disabled people. Overloaded police dept.

  10. San Luis Obispo, CA has a great walkable core. Lots of cultural attractions with a university.

  11. Came here to say SLO. Just needs a tram to morro bay. Great train to santa barbara and points southward to san diego.

  12. They did it to themselves, it didn't happen, and they deserved it.

  13. I seem to remember about 1980. It started w trebark and then it was kitty bar the door. Apparently they decided that photorealism was the ideal camo. I’m not a fan.

  14. Yessir! Pima Air and Space is a really really great place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Hey, I’ve noticed you seem pretty unhappy.

  16. So, uh, why is the phrase “clean energy “ tacked on there??

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