1. I have two rabbits and one is exactly like this!! He definitely has some anxiety though so I think that’s the issue. He does let me love on him through the gate of his own enclosure

  2. Balls lol. They are both boys so no balls here

  3. 😍 yes I saw, I just decided to give him some slack on the first day in his new home. But today he's getting a trim😅

  4. Oh I didn’t realize it was his first day!! I wasn’t sure if you were a new bun parent and just wanted to point it out. I definitely wouldn’t cut the nails on day one either… I would probably get the vet to do it until he is comfy around me lol idk about this guy but one of my rabbits will stay mad at me for days after a nail trim!!

  5. Yes I would prefer a vet doing rather than me being the mean person😆. But he seems quite chilled about most things. He arrived at my house after an 8 hr drive and jumped on my lap and was licking my face 45 mins later. He's like a dog! 😍

  6. That’s lucky!! Wow well maybe lil man wouldn’t mind you messing with his feet. You guys seem meant to be if he licked you right away!!

  7. She does have a very pretty nose 🥹 and what pretty eyes !! And what pretty fur coat !!!

  8. 😂😂 I think so too. She had way more sass and attitude than him. He was so docile and nonchalant.

  9. Just to make you feel better, my bunnies are bonded and they still have disagreements where my big lady will nip at my lil dudes butt. One just may be way more sassy than the other saying “MOVE BITCH” lol

  10. My bunny isn’t loud but he loves dipping his ears in his water bowl and get his boobies wet EVERY time he drinks. Just like….. drenched. He’s not hot or anything either…. Just likes it

  11. This made me laugh so hard lol!! Rabbits are so goofy ! My rabbits absolutely do not care if they get wet. They will walk right in their water bowl if it’s convenient for them but I don’t think they do it for fun

  12. Yeah 😆 I dunno if it's intentional but they do that a lot

  13. Yes ! One of my buns will put his apple wood in his water… it turns the water yellow shortly after so I assume he’s making his own apple juice lol

  14. mini lop!! his ears were upwards when he was a baby but as he grew they started falling

  15. Mine too!! I miss their pointy ears! Now I occasionally get airplane ears lol

  16. That is so sweet of the kitty ❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹 sorry for the loss. The bun was definitely loved ❤️

  17. Btw you can edit comments. Click the … and it’s under there. :)

  18. How did you bond them ? I know it’s different from bonding rabbits right? You don’t lock them in a small cage together like bunnies lol

  19. My buns will do that but into a mirror. They are always so fascinated with themselves lol

  20. I would definitely bring some critical care ! If George is anything like my Bun B he probably wont eat bc of stress and you will have to force feed him. Hopefully that wont happen but it’s good to be safe and have it!

  21. You can also use a box and put puppy pads down and then litter so you have a portable litter box for him

  22. Only thing I’d advise is if that ring is big enough your bun can get their head stuck, don’t leave it hanging up when you’re not around.

  23. I always keep mine hanging on their cage so this doesn’t happen ! Good thing to point out

  24. My bun loves this! I just remove the carrot because it has hot glue inside and the wires around the circle part !! I didn’t know chewing the nut was bad but they never seemed to have too much interest in the nut anyway. Everything else on there they love and they eat it pretty fast.

  25. Ignore negative behavior and reward positive behavior. Punishment does not help an animal.

  26. Positive reinforcement has done wonders with my rabbits

  27. I’m glad you reached out to this thread for advice but I would definitely take some steps after this to have the proper care for your buns if I were you. They deserve it. Pls update me on mama bun

  28. Oh, well for everyone who condemned my apparent lack of medical care giving intent-

  29. Hay is not medicine… you need benback or more importantly critical care on hand at all times especially with 12 bunnies.

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