1. Putting uzi is like an easy w, other features wouldve make the votes more interesting. I voted skepta cuz lean 4 real goes crazy

  2. I saw him for the first time on the Narcissist tour and it was amazing. Also it was my birthday lol. But ive liked carti since the neon tour but never got to see those times. Wish i did. Maybe i will go see ken and lone since they r "small" and in years to come i wont regret it

  3. Whos pullin up to the atlanta show? Im seein pierre bourne a few nights before in atlanta also if anyone is goin lmk

  4. It already leaked bro y’all so behind 😐

  5. Yea please send it. Thanks. I did find a new carti leak ive never heard on soundcloud and its called "no name" im assuming its it. But send the og file too fosho


  7. Ya fuck Monix literally had none of these songs Chris knows what I have 😭 we made up literally only Monix schizo ass convinced himself I had every single one of these

  8. I clicked on the link for the discord and its expired? Soo did it finish?

  9. Tbh idk, i listen on soundcloud and it just says 3.5 ... if it is actually called x-23 then i guess im wrong. Im more of a carti fan than ken or lone... so maybe im a tad out of the loop with them

  10. If its the one with songs like x games, x for breakfast, pussy pink, pop, stick etc then its x-23

  11. I remember finding this on youtube in 2017 i believe, it was a lyric video with like moving pool water as the background. I will always remember that, after that carti has been #1 for me

  12. Literally 3-5 years ago and u guys r criticizing me over finding a song. Holy shit can we not just enjoy cartis music? Im not sittin here "i have movie time cdq"

  13. Cmon y’all know Yeat will move to Cali because he Got Rich the Trendy Way. He Deserve it and think he’ll be around for a long time.

  14. Die like this, steph curry, damn shame, texas, perky 97, lobby, asthma, broke hoes, no charm, fall in love(2016), privacy, thats for real, fisher price

  15. Everybody saying there’s not one but here I got one for you that I know no one else on this sub really knows:

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