1. I realized it wasn't Posada when you said the "something pretty decent, maybe even good" part cause the wholesome Posada path is literally utopian lol

  2. HoI4 players when the focus tells them they have created utopia through massive wars of conquests, the deaths of millions and the inflation of the heavy arms industry while having zero percent required consumer goods and being on All Adults Serve.

  3. If I remember correctly Yale has a world conquest path with one of the secret leaders.

  4. Technically slavery is the step below serfdom

  5. Serfs were literally the property of their feudal lords.

  6. I guess it depends on where you’re talking about, but serfs generally had more freedom (if only slightly) than a slave

  7. the fact remains that serfs were owned property of another human being. Any system that lowers humans to being mere property to be worked and traded is completely out of the question and anyone who even CONSIDERS such a system should feel deeply ashamed.

  8. Sometimes in multiplayer, when you switch around on nations in the lobby before game start. it disables ai for those countries, that is almost certainly what has happened here. Causing none of the Griffonian empire events and focuses to happen.

  9. This is what makes sense considering it's 1012 and the Empire has no additional national spirits besides the ones they start with. By this point (assuming this were a bug that never fired the Death event chain) they would have taken all the other focuses available to them, i.e. military and industrial branches. No buffs from those visible here though, meaning they must have just never done any focuses at all.

  10. Love how there's allies coming in with 1k each in a battle of literal millions.

  11. Rimuru and Tanya, to be honest. I'd love to see that duo.

  12. Yeah, you can kindly go somewhere else. And thanks for the multi party trick, I guess Stalin should have thought of that, just adding one more (maybe 2 more) party, because it matters so much

  13. You lost this argument in my eyes when you put your hands over your ears and told someone to "just go away". This is not how people are meant to converse in this sub, which at least *tries* to entertain positive and civilised discourse in spite of usual (lack of) reddit etiquette.

  14. She is waiting for you to join, of course! (You will face a OHS audit if you do not)

  15. Coolio, just know that Eros is best regent and that is fact.

  16. Harmony: Probably ELF, but since that's a pretty endgame thing to get to; Queen Novo

  17. It is bug on my side, or is third of your comment actual gibberish

  18. it is always good to gauge public opinions at bare minimum

  19. He thinks Reddit mods care about public opinion (clueless)

  20. "How could this have happened?" asks he while having a gazillion horrid submods active.

  21. The same reason why Ponies use tanks despite having protective magic spells: stamina, mostly.

  22. Wait, we're supposed to be friendly? I thought we were all meant to be at war.

  23. Wingbardy is a very obvious pun name once you realise it's based on Lombardy, which is region in Northern Italy (east of Savoy, west of South Tyrol).

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