1. I think the key word there would be "tried". He tried to sell MVP a bridge in Brooklyn and he didn't bite. I only would have added him to my shitlist if I sent him the money. As it is, he learned a lesson.

  2. Absolutely no idea just saw MVP post this and remembered the boys calling Pat. Pat the Knacker

  3. Weird? Lack of gag reflex and being a throat goat are prerequsites for getting into S.T.A.R.S

  4. I'd say it's a pretty good price for it since it's vaulted. I've got it and a signed version :)

  5. Oh that's awesome! I'm currently awaiting her chase version to be delivered then i'll have all four :)

  6. I just got the Jill from a mystery box, instantly one of my favs

  7. How much was the mystery box because you've probably already made your money back!

  8. It was a 50.00 one I got last year so yeah I did really well on that one 🤣

  9. please x10 i know Christian has no chance but let me have a Gangrel appearance

  10. The game or netflix series? i've only got to get Netflix Yennifer! The game versions i need to fully start

  11. Didn’t know there were ones from the game, but I suppose it makes sense haha. I have the Netflix ones, Yennefer from BAM! and Hot Topic are fantastic

  12. Your username is the first ever Max and Paddy reference i've ever seen on Reddit

  13. Watch NWO era WCW without singing Wakka Wa Hey Hey

  14. 100% i can't not do that now especially playing 2K22 And 2K23 online if i'm using an NWO character😭

  15. I quote that daily when playing anything with a loot box you have to open 😂😂

  16. From the 15 mbps i was on this just feels like overkill but my god worth it

  17. I never thought i would end up hating on one of the most entertaining tag teams in the ring but f*ck me i'm done

  18. She's 52 and debuted in 1986, so she's been wrestling longer than many current wrestlers have been alive.

  19. I don't mean this in a bad way by any means but man it feels like Aja Kong has been around forever!

  20. Fuck, if House of Black gets Doug Bradley for their VO guy, then Judgement Day should get James Jude Courtney as their celeb guy.

  21. Wait is this a joke or has Doug Bradley actually done something with the House Of Black?

  22. Can someone give a TL;DR of what the hell hes talking about?

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