1. Thanks for sharing! Is there something similar but for the Cloud architect associate?

  2. Can you add a TL;DR version please? Too many numbers I'm scared

  3. Alt+ ability hot key is self heal. Not sure how you have your game pad mapped

  4. alt + ability works only if I use abilities on keyboard :(

  5. I use standard mapping on my xbox series x gamepad

  6. Sacramento CA and I think somewhere in South Carolina have big Ukrainian communities. Maybe post on their subreddits or contact Resettlement agencies in the area to see if they have partnerships with local organizations?

  7. if you hate soviet arhitecture unfortunatly for you youre gonna see lots of it, as for cities personaly as a resident of Timisoara, i dont recommend any city in this awuful country

  8. IMHO Romania is a pretty good country for remote workers money wise due to the low tax system, relatively good level of English and cheap prices. Cannot say anything about the country itself cuz I have never lived there :(

  9. As a traveler, i car recomand you brasov … i live in Sibiu and this is a extra full City and also is quite overated and expensive ( i booked a room in brasov on “republicii street- the middle of the town with 130 RON- thats Never Gonna happen in Sibiu)… you can try something nearby around… regarding brasov, the ski resort is full in Winter… and to do things are less than in Sibiu or Timișoara… But you should try yourself the cityes because the final decision is in your hands

  10. Have you been in National Park in Sibiu? It looks really cool and alive. I believe it would be nice to live nearby.

  11. Thanks! I'm from Ukraine if it changes anything

  12. So annual inflation is about 13-14 %, but stuff is still very cheap. At least compared to western Europe. Thr main issue is the rise in rent.

  13. What city would you suggest? Batumi or Tbilisi?

  14. If you register as a individual entrepreneur and get small business status, then you will pay 1 % turnover tax in Georgia up to approximately 150 000 usd.

  15. Thanks for the reply!Yeah I'm not sure about Turkey as well but other options like Croatia are fine

  16. Hey, just out of curiosity. What domain do you work in? Depending on this you could chose a city easier. For example automotive is harder to find.

  17. This is fintech, but I don't care what city I'm in, since I still work remotely.

  18. Thank you! I'm still thinking about the location, so I'll google the cities you listed.

  19. If the company has no Spanish branch you will have to be a contractor for them (aka autonomo).

  20. Thank you very much for your detailed explanation!Yes, I will hire an accountant for sure, just want to make sure that it worth to go to Spain from financial perspective, when countries like Georgia exist where people pay 1% and that's it.

  21. In Spain yearly salary is for 14 months. So your monthly salary is about 5300. The maximun salary to the eyes of our Treasury is 4300. So you have to pay the equivalent to maximun self-employment quota, that is 1266€.

  22. I'd level Favonius for more regen, since you will be spending most time on Diluc. Bennett is safer choice for cryo domains and abyss floors. I'd grab C1 from the shop. Barbara in general should be stronger with TTSD + faster ulti regen for Mona and increased hydro dmg. It's probably hard to wrong with either. Anyway, you will need to level both for Abyss.

  23. I don't have Bennett so I can only grab c0 from the shop. What is TTSD? Thank you for the answer anyway

  24. Help me to choose which character should I build next. Currently I have

  25. Any of your hydro characters are good.

  26. Yep, but I still don't know which one should I build

  27. Help me to choose Battle pass weapon please.

  28. One handed sword for Keqing = yes. I would do that, unless you have a 5* sword around.

  29. But i don't have Keqing, I mentioned her only because I have a small probability for pulling her/Jean/Qiqi due to 50% change

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