1. New owner of the broncos doesn’t know how to pronounce goodell and it’s pretty funny.

  2. That’s a Trump level power move right there

  3. The Anne Frank Show. 10 part series on her life

  4. It’s 1/2” rod. I also didn’t know it could support that much, that’s pretty crazy. This thing is heavy but definitely not that heavy. I just assumed 1/2” would work because they have the same unit hung on the other side of this place with 1/2” rod

  5. Working strength is around 1100 pounds, but failure load is like 8,000-9,000 pounds!

  6. Wow. Yeah I guess I never knew or questioned how much weight the rods could actually support. I use 3/8” to hang furnaces and unit heaters all the time but anything more than that I just go to 1/2” because that’s how my boss has always told me to do it. I’m sure he doesn’t know the strength of these rods either I’ll be sure to bring it up, I imagine that will save a little bit of money. I’m sure he’ll just make me keep using 1/2” regardless for his own piece of mind

  7. Thinking about maybe going back to the alma mater to help with recruiting. There are in-person dinners and coffee stuff but actual recruiting is virtual which is so unfair.

  8. Not a bad idea, I heard Phoenix is great this time of year

  9. I was walking my dog near an intersection and this woman got out of her car during the red light to tell me how beautiful the dog is. The light turned green and the other cars started honking, which in turn upset my dog so now we're cuddling for comfort

  10. Very nice looking dog but what a dumb broad that woman is. People like her are the root cause of traffic problems and societal problems in general

  11. You could lose a few pounds

  12. Hate when people ask why I’m selling something

  13. It is such a stupid question. What type of answer are they even expecting? ‘Because I don’t want it anymore’? Does that give them useful knowledge on the product? Or are they expecting somebody to reveal information that wasn’t in the ad?

  14. Whatever floats your boat, but I prefer giving people the benefit of the doubt. I don't like to make fun of people for poorly chosen words, feels kind of below-the-belt if you know what I mean.

  15. If somebody asked you the purpose of leaving that PVC open, would you explain it by saying a gas furnace needs a vent?

  16. Have the UND, USD, SDSU but no NDSU? I see how it is

  17. If I had to nitpick I’d say to go easy on the pipe dope and primer next time

  18. Isn’t there a minimum distance it should be from the ceiling? Not talking crap, just curious. I’ve never installed a Daiken mini

  19. I’m pretty sure most the mini splits my company installs only require a 2 inch or so clearance up top. At least all the ones I’ve seen

  20. I truly hate people who text and drive more than anybody else in the world. They recently eclipsed terrorists to take the number 1 spot. Aside from dirty looks and flipping them off, there isn’t much I can do to show my hate. Today though I saw some old lady blatantly texting and driving in a state fleet vehicle. Followed her for a solid 2 miles and she had her phone in front of her face the entire time. Reported her on my state’s website the second I got home. I’m sure nothing will come of it but it still felt pretty good. Felt like Macgruber reciting her license plate in my head over and over again the whole way.

  21. Are you the same guy that followed people’s cars for fun?

  22. I am not. I’m just a guy who thinks people shouldn’t text and drive

  23. Every comment on the Broncos sub about Lewis Hamilton becoming a part owner starts with “as a fan of X team I don’t know how I feel about this…”

  24. Only a few comments but wow they all suck.

  25. I wonder if Stav regrets leaving $25k+ for 8 hours of work per month yet. Have to imagine the first of the month when he usually gets his Patreon check must feel a little sad now

  26. The funny thing is now he can't come back because their lease took his financial place

  27. Yeah I wonder if Adam and Nick are doing a 50/50 split on the rest of the money now. No chance Adam would give up a single dime of his cut if Stav wanted back in

  28. Death Throes of The Republic by Dan Carlin

  29. My boss insists on being the only one wearing his N-95 mask in meetings. He also insists on printing everything and bringing it to my desk, where he licks his fingers and touches the pages. Oh and the thing he most recently brought to my desk is a $100 dollar discrepancy we have on two different reports. We’re an over $100 million company. So not huge but big enough that you shouldn’t be worrying about $100 rounding errors. Especially when he’s admitted that the error could very likely be how he is classifying something

  30. Absolutely hate the finger licking thing. If my boss did that, I’d start cutting the corner that he licks off with a scissors. Wait till he notices I’m doing it and let him know that I don’t wanna touch his spit on accident and get covid

  31. I had two really great journeymen, still work with those guys. They each taught me differently and different things. Honestly my helper days went by fast! I was in a van in under 4 months. Wish I could have been a helper a little longer sometimes.

  32. Same here. Had two awesome Jmen who were polar opposites but both taught me so much. Our trio was probably the most productive crew I’ll ever work on. Boss noticed and split us up and gave us all our own crews. Always a treat when we get to help out on each other’s jobs here and there. They really fast tracked my career and I’m forever grateful so I always bust ass for them when I’m at one of their jobs

  33. My nose does not work at all, and I’ve got asthma. My loud breathing is probably a bit jarring when people first meet me but I think they’ve all learned to tune it out. Everybody I get to know eventually comments on it which is when I explain my situation. I also sound like a bear when I eat because I can’t breath through my nose and I still get invited out to lunch everytime so it hasn’t been a dealbreaker yet for me.

  34. I’m pretty sure Gordon Ramsay would’ve been impressed with the scrambled eggs I just made. Might’ve been my best ever

  35. Did you use the on heat - off heat method?

  36. Of course. Low heat lots of butter. My pre bv always gives me shit when I do it but her eggs do not come close to mine. She just doesn’t understand that the heat is in the pan

  37. With gas prices going down again, do you think we’ll see flocks of comedic geniuses going pump to pump taking down their “I did that” stickers?

  38. If you could take a time machine back to see any one major league game live, which would you pick?

  39. I’ve broken my wrists a combined 5 times and I get the weirdest muscle spasms if I work out multiple times a week. The fingers on my left hand are going crazy today

  40. Are you a skateboarder or something? How does one break their wrists 5 times? I think after 3 I’d be taking more serious precautions

  41. They started training him at 18 and he wasn’t in a f15 until like 25-27. Pilots are insanely expensive to train from the ground up. I’d say at least a few million in cost to get to where he was at that point.

  42. Again, pocket change. The military spending $5 million over the course of 10 years is the equivalent of me spending $50 spread out over the next 10 years.

  43. Yes pocket change when you look at it from the stand point of one person. But how many soldiers do they do this to in one year. Once you start realizing this happens to thousands of soldiers every year it’s not pocket change at that point.

  44. If we use the same math we’ve been using, and say it costs $5 million to train these soldiers over 8-10 years, 14,000 of them being discharged over that time would be equal to about 1% of 1 year of the military budget lost. So .1% per year. And I have to imagine the majority are not being discharged early for medical reasons so it is still very much pocket change and not a loss they are even concerned about

  45. Yeah I’m an F150 guy over Silverado or Ram. You want to fight about it?

  46. At this point they’re all the same. Only reason I’m a Chevy guy is because my dad and grandpa are. I just as easily could’ve been born into a dumbass family that drives Fords

  47. I think the F150 just looks overall the best but I don’t mind chevys. Ram I heard is the best engine and all that bullshit but I think they are extremely ugly especially on the front end

  48. Yeah Rams are pretty ugly aside from the TRX. Those things are sick and from what I hear the engines are better than the top model Chevy or Fords. If you’re spending $100k+ on a truck though I’m sure you can’t go wrong with any of them. If you’re spending a normal amount on a truck and getting a mid tier, the Ford and Chevy’s definitely look the best. I’d probably give a slight edge to Ford on looks alone

  49. Don't you have to be a convicted felon to be an installer? @ my company if you can read and do basic math they put you in service, if not/install.

  50. And then I bet they wonder why the installs all suck and service has to fix their shit

  51. The NHL will never be able to be bigger in popularity than basketball. It's always gonna be behind the NBA and NFL and college football. Parallel with baseball. The NBA is a star-driven league with the best players on each team playing 36+ minutes in the regular season and 43+ minutes in the playoffs out of 48. When you tune into watch a basketball game, the star players are usually on the court (unless they're resting lol; but you get the point). You can see their face, shoes, and signature moves with ease. With hockey you have lines playing so the you may have to wait a bit to see the top line, all the players look the same, and the game moves fast. It's hard for a television consumer who doesn't keep up to follow what's going on.

  52. MLB makes the most revenue of any of the sports leagues so I definitely wouldn’t say hockey is on that level. I don’t think hockey has a chicken dick’s chance at passing the other 3 leagues but they can surely do better than they do now

  53. I need some underwear recommendations. Preferably comfortable lounging around boxer types.

  54. I’ve tried many boxers and by far the most comfortable are the Tabasco sauce Christmas edition boxers. You can pretty much only get them on eBay now but it’s the only ones I can wear anymore. They come in a plastic Tabasco bottle piggy bank thing

  55. Got forklift certified today and about 40% of the instructor’s content was videos pulled from LiveLeak of people dying. Worried about his browsing habits, man has seen some things

  56. Watching videos of Chinese factory workers get fucked up by heavy machinery has definitely made me more cautious at work

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