How I updated the model in response to the latest DRS numbers

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Popcorn stock was manipulated by 8 quadrillion tokenized shares on FTX back by literally no real popcorn stock, giving hedges unlimited ammo to short; why wouldn't the same be done to GME at a greater amount?

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  1. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, this video is just an example of converting thermal to kinetic

  2. Looks like the stadium is in the middle of nowhere. In Europe that stadium would be in a city surrounded by public transport, bars, restaurants, hotels and houses

  3. If there’s one this the US isn’t short of, it’s space. The second is incompetent city planners.

  4. The fans must spend longer trying to drive out the car park than they do at the game, not quite the match day experience I'd be looking for

  5. Back in the early days the Scottish people had a real sense chance to create something new, there was a lot of enthusiasm for new ideas, plenty of these people got TV time as well, was always good to watch Tommy Sheridan on TV debates demolish some clueless career politicians.

  6. As a gross error check that something might not be installed correctly, if you measure the distance between the inside tip of each crank arm and the frame down tube, as long as its within 5mm it will be fine. Ideally it should be symmetrical

  7. Thanks! I have just checked this and they are within 3mm of eachother

  8. Is the loft currently accessible or used by any other tennents, my mate used to live somewhere that the loft was sort of divided by 8 so everybody had boxes and fake Xmas trees and other crap up there, there was even a 1970 moped up there.

  9. If you really want to experience life to the fullest get some linear pull/ V brakes (and compatible levers) . You won’t regret it. Tektro and shimano make good and economical options (and they include new brake pads!)

  10. My favourites are the M739 and M750 variants of shimano, but going by prices of NOS now, they must be a lot of others favourites as well

  11. Great work, I also had the thought about the tweaks you made to the last 2 larger than expected DRS results and wondered if those tweaks were removed if it would be more in line with current trends. Its good to see how accurate the initial modeling was.

  12. I've had various CL rotors, Saint, XT, XTR, including the Oversize CL standard that was quite rare, never had an issue with any brake calipers fouling the rotor.

  13. The hub is 135mm now it’s been converted, exactly matches the OEM wheel and fits in the frame fine.

  14. The only thing I can think is that the hub cones are different lengths and you have them on the wrong side, or a spacer was pit on the wrong side

  15. No, read the posts of the guy who made the bot. There is a scaling factor which had to be increased after the previous quarter numbers. This factor accounts for apes who don’t post their DRSed shares.

  16. So the site was actually more accurate for Ape DRS than we thought, as both previous quarters it has came up short and the algo was tweaked to match, I wonder if it had been left to run as originally programmed how accurate it would have been?

  17. When there are no royals in residence at Balmoral, its usually open to the public, and that timber building is at Glen Beg, anybody can visit and also sit in that very chair for a photo

  18. 2 all day. Let the hedgies step in the bear trap, don’t shoot them and be blamed for the kill

  19. Exactly, it took over a decade of court time to clear the guys from the VW squeeze, and that was a fraction of the size

  20. It's best to stick with a matched set as the shift pins and ramped teeth will all be designed to work with each other.

  21. I'm planning to get these generic BCD 130 cranks, I guess these are no good?

  22. Nothing is in computershares name, they just facilitate the purchases, DRSed shares are in apes names.

  23. Just an FYI... It's been my experience that brake cables come with both cable ends (one on each side), so you just cut off whichever side you don't need. At least the cables I've bought from Amazon have been like that.

  24. I prefer stainless cables that have the loose end of the cable welded, it prevents it from fraying when stuffing it through outers, last ones I bought were "Clark" brand

  25. So I just used spacers from 2x setup. I crammed them in between the ring and crank arms (earlier the chain ring was flush with arms) and problem is mostly resolved. It's still not 100% the way I would like but crunchiness is reduced a lot.

  26. When I needed to space my 50t chainring out a bit for my Rohloff build, I just used an old 39t as the spacer, that way it spreads the reduced load between all 5 spider tabs. That was with a conventional 130BCD, but I appreciate you might not have any d worn out chainrings since this is a proprietary standard

  27. That sounds horrendous for touring. Give me a 2x or maybe even a 3x.

  28. Didn't they keep any of the receipts, if its not fit for purpose then just send it back for a refund

  29. Just imagine, a 50c per share divi would mean gamestop would need to pay 150million to its shareholders, if they created the float 10times out of IOUs sorry FTDs, thats 1.5billion dollars hard cash on the spot for SHF.

  30. So if every ape with more than 50 shares would roll that dividend back into more shares, it would increase the speed of DRS. Is essence, the financial industry would be paying cash to apes that would be turned around and used against the financial industry, beautiful plan

  31. I have family in BC Canada, and I was shocked at the prices of basic food compared to UK. Then I stayed a few weeks on reserve at Gitanmaxx, a loaf was $6-9 depending on how fancy it was, and a box of kellogs vector breakfast cereal was $14. I'm used to buying apricot wheats from lidl for £1.39. Have had thoughts about retiring there, but that most recent trip has put me right off.

  32. fit in an M8 bolt with a big washer through the BB socket into the bb spindle. this way the bb tool doesn't slip out. then use a box wrench or adjustable spanner on the socket hex side. use a cheater bar if needed. also remember the drive side is righty loosy

  33. Very good little link there. Only difference I have is I use washers slightly smaller than the BB tool hex so that I can grip the BB tool in a bench vise, then use the frame as leverage, even get a mate to help rotate the frame for very stiff cups.

  34. A lot of the drivers doing the really stupid shit like driving the wrong way down a freeway are older drivers who has either lost their eyesight or their marbles, or both

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