1. "There is no Epic Loot here, Only Puns" has a similar feel to Beware of Chicken in my opinion.

  2. Nothing is really quite as nice as Beware of Chicken.

  3. Yes. It's typically temporary, but it's not an uncommon thing among LitRPGs in my experience. I've seen it in some of Webnovel's catalog, Light Novels too. It's typical for the System to be defunct upon godhood.

  4. Regression (not the sole top, but the others have been mentioned): where the MC is sent back in time to the start of the disaster/apocalypse they have just lived through (or died in). I really like competent and logical MCs who take thought out approaches to progression, so the additional knowledge the regressor has plays into this well. Its especially satisfying when they weren't necessarily the best or brightest prodigy in their first life, but not have the change to use their accumulated knowledge to surge forwards.

  5. Usually it's true for other people, just not for the amazing protagonist. Because otherwise you either a) do time skips where a guy is cultivating for months or years and you barely see it, or b) you get the glacial progression of Forge of Destiny.

  6. Battle Mage Farmer is a good one like this, it’s an OP isekai but kinda like MC Hides his strength in a way

  7. I would second The Wandering Inn and would also throw in Beware of Chicken, Legends and Latte's, The unorthodox farming series maybe, and of course Mother of learning and Sufficiently Advanced Magic. The latter two have some fighting elements built in but the focus is mainly on world building, hiding, and gathering strength rather than the battles themselves.

  8. Seconding Trailblazer. You'd expect a fic about someone with a big mecha that punches (or hits) things to be relatively straightforward, but it's all plots and intrigue after about arc... 3 I think? Helps that Taylor's team effectively has at least two Thinkers - Dinah, obviously, plus Veda (Taylor's AI daughter) who, not having chains restricting her runtime, is very much a Thinker equivalent. The at least part is because I'd include Taylor in that as well; even early on, anyone that can come up with plans like that is good.

  9. Queen of Blood, its a Castlevania-ish crossover.

  10. Demon Hunter by Michael Dalton has one. Girl #4 but with a book 1 introduction. Technically the whole harem goes goth at a couple different points, but shes the only one that sticks with the aesthetic day to day.

  11. You might like Forge of Destiny, the threats are a bit more social in nature, but it's a very interesting take on the Xianxia genre.

  12. Red Mage and A Touch Of Power both do it. I can’t remember the others who do now and it’s bugging me

  13. Leg Day is a grab bag fic where it is plot relevant. Warning though, it is NSFW.

  14. Others have said Portal to Nova Roma but I'll second it! And the Infinite World is freaking fantastic. Also really enjoying UnderVerse so far, I'm still on the first book, but so far it's unique and pretty fun.

  15. Melody of Mana fits that vibe and is one of my favorite stories on RR. It has a fun take on magic and the MC is very likable. It has a lot of litrpg elements but isn't one.

  16. Perilous Waif was Soo good. And The Diamond Age is a Meal Stephenson classic.

  17. I suppose you're right. But a lot of LitRPG books are also progression fantasy, and Defiance of the Fall is definitely one of them.

  18. For some asinine reason DeviantD broke Silencio up into multiple threads. You can find them all here:

  19. Beneath the Dragoneye Moons is the closest I know to your middle idea. Magic is tech, and adventurers are looked down on.

  20. Characters definitely grow in power in Stormlight Archive, and like Cradle, many of the power ups are contingent on revelations/character growth. I think more of Epic Fantasy when I think Stormlight. It contains PF elements at the very least.

  21. Stormlight feels like it because there are clear levels. People say that his books focus more on character development, but character development is directly tied to leveling up.

  22. Can't agree there. I love huge sprawling adventures where the MC has the weight of the world on their shoulders. Ever since I was a kid I always hated small stakes adventures, made me think of real life haha. When I started reading fantasy I loved the huge stuff like Wheel of Time, Stormlight Archive, and Malazan.

  23. I like Reborn: Apocalypse. It's not quite a medieval setting, but one of the main characters uses a very interesting mix of firearms and magic.

  24. Beneath the Dragoneye Moons is also published as a web novel but seems to be planed out as a book series. The early books have recently been re-edited and the series been positively received by some people more focused on traditionlaly published fantasy.

  25. anything by wildbow (worm, pact, twig, ...), Practical Guide To Evil, maybe even The Wandering Inn. Those come to mind first

  26. I feel like Constellations has a couple of these. Just re-read that this week.

  27. System Error has massive amounts of blue boxes, also Worth the Candle by Alexender Whales

  28. Recoil by Ack is a Peggy Sue where Taylor is sent to the past.

  29. Dungeon Crawler Carl is in tentative talks to be made into an animated show.

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