1. Yeah, they'd just think it was a miscarriage. Can't wait until they decide all miscarriages are abortions.

  2. Woman in Texas arrested for miscarrying and going to the ER

  3. This is beautiful. And you'll get no replies from the PL crowd. I wonder why!

  4. Thanks! I sometimes do get replies though. I find it an effective way to bridge the debate. Because I find that the main driver of those who argue the PL side do so for emotional reasons based primarily in "saving lives"

  5. I remember when Veritas framed a guy trying to stop child smuggling by deceptively editing their own video to slander him and the org he worked for on FOX. Veritas

  6. Sure, but that doesn't justify attempted murder

  7. and some of the nuts are in congress.

  8. I feel like this is the wrong emphasis though. The full model showed no significant difference. Only in exploratory analyses of subgroups without adjusting for multiple comparisons did they find differences.

  9. It's a strong statement to say they "CANNOT" correct for multiple comparisons. Of course they can, it's one line of code. No one is mandating that they use Bonferroni, there are plenty of other ways to correct for multiple comparisons.

  10. Reality doesn't seem to matter to most people once they have fallen down the conspiracy vortex.

  11. There are a couple of things that are immediately suspect about this guy giving this story:

  12. One thing to watch out for in our discussions, is the technique that promoters of disinformation will do to focus on one tiny aspect of a story and argue about the "truth" of something inconsequential and try to leverage that into a "gotcha" to hide the other major part which is falsified evidence. For example when Veritas falsely accused a guy of promoting sex trafficking of minors, when he was actually trying to stop it, there was tons of debate about "does he even work for this org, what's his role, etc. etc." Then having "verified" that part - people went nuts. The problem is that verifying the video content was falsified took ... years and took a lawsuit to unearth the falsification.

  13. Okay... That doesn't prove this new video is deceptively edited. It could be, of course, but it's kinda hard to see how. The clips are decently long, often multiple sentences without any cuts, and you can follow what is being said. It's not like they're random, totally disconnected sentences where you can't even tell what they're talking about.

  14. What it shows is a pattern of unethical and deceptive video editing with the goal of causing damage. As technology gets better, dishonest groups like Veritas get better at falsification of evidence. In fact, more recently there was a video released by folks like veritas (or perhaps it was them) where they cut out the words "terrorist act" from a speech by Obama in the rose garden when he was president. Same thing ... appearing to be long and multiple sentences. You could barely see the change - and only if you looked at both the uncut CSPAN vs the youtube released version would you know there was a difference. So convincing that you had Romney on television INSIST that Obama never used the word "terrorist" in the speech. And that was used to promote anger and outrage.

  15. I've noticed that when I browse Youtube on a private tab I'll get similar videos from FOX, Peterson, and stuff promoting Lindzen.

  16. Probably paid for folks on Reddit here to try to start the same thing, but with comments.

  17. This is partly why after years of seeing this massive change rates of moms surviving pregnancy you see people in Ireland saying

  18. If you see a leak in a dam, you have two options. Give everyone lifeboats or stop the leak. Dems focus on stopping the leak. The MAGA-GOP buys boats and then charges people for rides in either sex or cash, while blaming scientists for noticing the water. The solution to creating public policy which results in more pregnant women dying isn't to make taking their kids more efficient ... it's to change policy to stop killing moms.

  19. Since banning abortion leads to increased maternal mortality and increased maternal mortality leads to child sex trafficking ... I think we're seeing what the "P" in GOP now stands for.

  20. Shocked that a company where the CEO was tied to being a trump supporter engaged in unethical business practices ... /s

  21. This is the best answer. There is a lot coming out about the

  22. If you are rich enough you can get lawyers to tie up the government in bureaucratic bullshit arguing about what the definition of "is" is. If you can spend $1m on arguing about owing $300m in taxes nearly forever, it's a net win. The Getty case is fascinating in that the finance manager wasn't unethical enough for them.

  23. Because bureaucracy can have some confusing semantics: Marra was not involved in the process of delaying certification (that was 2 of the 3 county commissioners delaying until forced by court order), had implored the county to certify and not play games since the beginning, and was similarly a voice of sanity in 2020.

  24. “Local level” very much includes school boards and other town seats. Research who exactly are running to help set policies and agenda items for schools.

  25. And the extinction is funded. Thanks Charles Koch.

  26. Romania today looks at sex trafficking as a major fucking problem and has started to

  27. Funny how the biggest, richest anti abortion voice is the child raping catholic church.

  28. I noticed how Televangelists urgently bought private planes and had them removed from FAA tracking at about the same time they started

  29. So what are they going to do, set up roadblocks at every border crossing, force women to have a pregnancy test and allow only those who aren't pregnant to leave?

  30. Yes. Just like in Romania. See "Children of the Decree." Actually happened by the same forced-birth, nanny-state type crowd that has taken over the GOP.

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