1. The interesting part is that the “gang member” he is calling out at the time is a 16 year old boy who surrenders himself before being murdered by police.

  2. No idea why gang member is in quotes as he was. He turned himself in and was held on a 1 million dollar bail. Could you link an article on him being murdered by police I tried to search for it and couldn't find anything about it.

  3. He didn't turn himself in because of this video. No justification for this silly immature copaganda

  4. i completely agree with you but this guy is trying to make it out like the guy he’s talking about is a innocent kid

  5. No team in the foreign legion will take you without at least at a minimum military service some requiring combat tours.

  6. he has a team behind him the entire time? you can see them all when he turns around.

  7. These guys were playing GTA in real life thinking those stars wouldn't catch up to them eventually

  8. Didn’t Blackwater just change their name and continue to operate?

  9. "The action of intercepting and preventing the movement of a prohibited commodity or person"

  10. I was under the impression that Blackwater no longer exists. How do I know that all of these things are Blackwater related?

  11. Black Water still exists… Under a new name “Academi” and they are still doing contract work in the middle east to this day.

  12. Not just that, this is just a a tiny cut from a really good longer video, which is annoying as hell. People have been cutting up the recent Ken Rhee videos and reposting them nonstop. Drives me up the wall

  13. Down voting this guy on principle for not including Civ Div's name in the title. I'm sure the 25-year-old van life YouTuber that volunteers in conflicts around the world doesn't need the ad revenue. This guy needs the upvotes though.

  14. I got this video from a telegram channel i did not know who the source of the video was before I uploaded it as it was not mentioned and as the top comment on this post is giving the guy credit there’s not much point in reuploading with a new title now.

  15. You should watch this interview Shawn Ryan did with guys who got pardoned it’s pretty interesting

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