1. lol trust me there's been a lot worst in IT recruiting

  2. If I was the wife, I'd probably demand that the comic book be sold. Even at a smaller loss, at least it's better than this big stupid hole the OOP put the family in. Absolutely bonkers the guy would sacrifice his family's well being for a collectible

  3. One year my in laws got me a disc retriever. Living in Florida with a bunch of water, this really helped actually. At the time I didn't know they existed.

  4. You say that but there are people out there trying really hard to gaslight the world into thinking the Holocaust never happened or was not as bad as history says it was. I already have to argue with my liberal friends who call me an idiot for believing in all the ai-generated propaganda of the killings of Oct 7th.

  5. Three years ago, they said "Punch a Nazi" when a Nazi was anyone that disagreed with them.

  6. Skip this post if you don’t want to be triggered by a story we call Iaria’s Diarrhea incident. It’s not really Iaria’s fault, but it was bad….Worst diarrhea experience in my life, and I’ve used the port o potties at Bonnaroo GA.

  7. I’m about to get so much flak but Jockamos has really fallen off these past couple years. I prefer Bazbeaux but still go to Jockamos from time to time because they’re like family.

  8. 16-years-old, armed, and a taste for blood probably means we shouldn't let them into a Chuck E. Cheese.

  9. This is why I will never again publicly defend the Palestinian cause as I had in the past. I realized I had no way of knowing if I was defending actual terrorists.

  10. I agree it's gross, but it's also pretty in line with how I've seen many disc golfers interact with the few women who show up to the course. Also seen lots of embarrassingly thirsty comments in social media posts about her. Disc golf has a major problem with misogyny and it's naive to pretend it doesn't.

  11. Thirsty comments are everywhere, bud. Gross folks tend to be loud. This is not a disc golf thing.

  12. Hahah what a joke. Comments do better be better but says Cat is easy to look at in how he rates her popularity.

  13. Absolutely. In a list of multiple things that should win her a larger fanbase like her previous performance, her efforts to protect and foster women in the sport, and her explosive power. I think I failed to mention that she's incredibly fashionable as well.

  14. You guys just skip through life wearing your latest victorian secrets bra drinking your bubble tea not think about these basic questions in life, you would be completely lost without people like

  15. I finished my masters in 21, thus started my career from then. The other two completed their bachelor's in 19 just like me. They had 2 years experience where I studied for my masters.

  16. So, you have a TOTAL of 2 years experience and are complaining because you aren't a "senior".

  17. People commenting here who have a softener: is there a way to make it so the water isn’t totally soft? I don’t like the calcium deposits, but I’d also hate to take a shower and feel soapy forevermore.

  18. Too labour intensive. Using a knife and fork. The world is fucking doomed.

  19. She ended her child's life. She ended her husband's child's life. Of course she will suffer.

  20. Yeah it was weird. My SO works in a clinical setting and I have a lot of RN/PA friends.

  21. Yeah. Incredible job security and 3 months off in the summer is just terrible. Teachers have it the worst.

  22. Hamas is a terrorist organisation, of course theyre bad. They forcefully took control of gaza like any other terrorist coup. People keep equating condemnation of israeli war crimes as support for hamas which is rarely the case (though when it is the case you can bet your ass it will get screenshotted and reposted to gullible idiots as an example of what "everybody" thinks.)

  23. Yes, the cleansing perpetrated with such evil that they warn the victims of when and where to avoid so as to protect themselves.

  24. I think there's also a strong degree of delusion about a Palestinian victory that for a lot of people justifies continued violence, martyrdom, and provocation.

  25. Everyone is piling on the kids, but the mom still hasn't disclosed what terrible things the father did.

  26. The circumstances are tough but honestly, what a lucky little girl. Three whole parents, three entire families, who love her so much and are willing to work on things so she can have everything. Beautiful examples being set all over the place.

  27. Congrats? How far and how'd it land? Skip or slammed the chains or slipped in off the cage?

  28. I suspect (and happy to be educated otherwise) that such a policy will allow the government to decide which babies must be preserved.

  29. The irony of him crying because he’s going to jail for beating an old woman to death is comical. The whole point is that you couldn’t stop yourself. Good luck in jail defending yourself against people who can actually fight back. Good riddance

  30. I imagine the Latino block will have a particular field day if they know why he's there.

  31. They do! The same fountains that have been there for years!

  32. To this day, I still remember a little kid's voice on the other end of chat during a gaming session: "Hey...are you allowed to go into your parent's bedroom?"

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