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  1. I don't like him because at an engineering conference he asked me a tough question after my seminar that I couldn't answer on the spot. And then he quit the industry like two weeks later for fulltime disc golf. He didn't even need to ask the question!

  2. Maybe because you've all had those 10 years to educate yourselves and come around on trans issues, but you haven't, so now our patience has run low. If you still don't get it at this point, after this length of time and after all the education and outreach LGBT people have attempted for years, you are not doing your due diligence in staying informed and educated, and are in fact intentionally remaining ignorant.

  3. Get over yourself. Referring to trans people by the correct pronouns isn't the end of the world. Giving trans people the most basic level of respect and acknowledging that they have a place in society isn't the end of the world. You fucking weak fragile person.

  4. Good job clumping me in with the monolith of everyone who disagrees with you and being personally disrespectful about it.

  5. Your Hawking story made me cackle... It's up there with "GW Bush waving at Stevie Wonder" for me now.

  6. Joe Biden, shouting from the dais to a wheelchair-bound state senator: "Chuck! Stand up! Let them see you!"

  7. No. But it will protect his next victim...

  8. TBF your pizza oven better be getting the dough hot enough to kill any germs.

  9. I wonder if that's the reason why there's so much hostility now.

  10. This really exemplifies why you always need to get a lawyer.

  11. This is one of the few cases in your life where speaking out and offering support can actually save a human life.

  12. It's amazing to me how OOP is scum in one direction and then scum in the other direction.

  13. People say things in anger. I am a big boy 6 3. 240 pounds. He is about 9 inches shorter, 175 wringing wet.

  14. You're a good dude and maybe about to save some shred of happiness in that fellas life.

  15. You risked the safety of everyone near you on the road. Yes, it IS that bad.

  16. We taking bets on whether Harper is actually his daughter or not?

  17. B-b-but...but what if the puppies cuddle me too roughly? Do you think I'll die?!?

  18. Kings like OOP needn't bother themselves with the needs of mere mortals like us.

  19. I wasn't saying your comment was pointless. I was saying mine was.

  20. That’s where I admittedly get a little defensive, when folks judge my agency based on cases that are not affiliated with my agency. I know things work differently everywhere but here if you call in a complaint, it goes to the complaint board and then gets forwarded to either internal affairs or the officers supervisor, depending on the nature and severity of the complaint. In no scenario should the officer ever know who made the complaint.

  21. I have zero reason to trust any US law enforcement anywhere. You and your family have lost the argument for the vast majority of the public.

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