1. If you’re on city park headed to interstate and you’re anywhere behind the driveway to st Patrick’s cemetery it takes a minimum of 2 light cycles to get through the light. Why didn’t they make a right turn lane there (from city park right into canal boulevard)? It was way better before the ‘improvements’

  2. The key to quality knitting is consistent pressure, your first few rows look tight then you loosened the tension. Just like crochet keep the tension pressure even

  3. 29 is a dead body for us. 29S suicide, 29U unknown type death, 29 natural death. 30 homicide, 30s homicide by shooting, 30C homicide by cutting/ sharp instrument, 30D homicide domestic. 20F fatality. There’s many types of dead bodies

  4. They slashed numerous police car tires so I’ll say nothing peaceful or productive

  5. This vigil just slashed a bunch of police car tires.

  6. Because the National Guard isn’t going to do anything. You’re gonna get a bunch of 17 to 22-year-old E1 through 4’s with NO AMMO NO BALLISTIC PLATES AND NO POLICE POWERS. That’s exactly what we got during Ida, people who don’t know the neighborhoods, and aren’t equipped to police a city. If you’re confused about this I recommend watching the siege.

  7. Like the dumbass NG that shot himself in the leg during Katrina

  8. Probably not, but she was just here for ANOTHER fucking appeal trial a couple months ago.

  9. As a fellow crime victim it doesn’t end until the perpetrator is dead. Once all appeals are exhausted you have to show for parole requests, otherwise they get let go. It’s horrible

  10. She’s going to get half his pension regardless if he admits to cheating or not so might as well be honest.

  11. We’re moving in the right direction, according to Cantrell.

  12. Have you tried Renaissance? It's not always cheap but if you watch the dates you can get some good prices

  13. How about stop giving CEOs multimillion dollar bonuses and use that money for maintenance

  14. Chicago taxi drivers are people who fear nothing. Those are some people who have seen the darkness.

  15. Regardless, when there is space to park move over and park don't block the lane of travel

  16. Yes statistically 4% of all cars registered in Orleans parish were stolen in 2022 - per jeff Asher at the criminal justice committee meeting last week

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