1. FE fanartist trying not to increase a character's cup size by 4 letters challenge (impossible)

  2. I think you can remove "FE" without losing accuracy.

  3. Saw his arm and thought, how the fuck did he get so much black spray paint all over his arm.

  4. I subbed for somebody recently where it was going to be a while before they returned and their room was messy. I was afraid to move things much and cause trouble, but the assistant principal came to help me find some things and then she ended up spending at least 45 minutes sorting the room out.

  5. The schools that I work at have always given me a key. However, at the combined middle/high school, they only ever have keys for the high school side. So on days like today, I get a key that will unlock almost any door on the opposite side of the building but not the room I need to be in.

  6. The official stuff all calls them learners in one of my districts.

  7. The 90s ended whenever the adult contemporary radio stations switched from "70s, 80s, and today" to "80s, 90s, and today". There have been no more decades since, and "today" now covers more than both 80s and 90s.

  8. And that's six years old. We're already in the 2020s and nothing has changed.

  9. My biggest aro headcanon is Ash Ketchum, because how else can you explain how he didn't get together with any of the various female companions throughout the anime's run?

  10. Wasn't he perpetually ten years old?

  11. What group of people does "yanks" refer to? I assume some part of america

  12. It depends on who is using it. The author E. B. White put it best half a century ago:

  13. I got an email about an old forum I use to use when I was like I think 9 or 10 for an old mobile game. It's also crazy to think about how many of those people I spoke to on there are just out there living their lives.

  14. Even crazier to think that some of them are probably dead.

  15. To get a taste for what this would be like, visit a kindergarten or preschool class. I guarantee that there will be at least one kid who says stuff like "Her took hims marker!"

  16. I ran through a screen door as a kid. It was only a few months later that my parents learned I needed glasses.

  17. But there are still people making fanart and fanfic for the gay monks in Pentiment.

  18. Does Earth count as one object? It would definitely cause some confusion.

  19. The sixth one about the sorcerer reminds me of Avrana Kern from Children of Time.

  20. The fourth one reminds me of what Idris experiences in unspace in Tchaikovsky's The Final Architecture series.

  21. It's the only lifestyle that is penalized by a bunch of personality traits.

  22. One name here screams young adult fantasy novel starting animals: Talon

  23. I had a character named that in a Redwall RP forum.

  24. Can anyone explain the vertical axis? The horizontal one is straightforward, but I don't see a pattern for what goes where vertically.

  25. Addendum to the bit about not saying anything is hard when tutoring/teaching: don't say anything is easy either. That can also kill confidence if it turns out not to be easy for a student.

  26. My point was, specifically, that many of the people who worked on the game are still working there. It's not unreasonable to believe that these people can still make good art, because they already did.

  27. But every creative project is really just the work of one brilliant man, don't you know. Those other names in the credits are a formality.

  28. It's so frustrating when people try to write things out phonetically, but their choices are still accent-dependent.

  29. Guess what? Education isn't about avoiding all circumstances where somebody could be miffed. But since you can't count above 1, I guess you didn't get a useful education.

  30. That looks like some of the logs I've pulled out of leaky geocaches.

  31. Does the "het" in "cishet ace" refer to heteroromantic? And is that still the same meaning for "cishet" elsewhere in this post when not paired with ace? That seems needlessly complicated if so.

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