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  1. I think that intentional targeted race swapping is different then coincidental race swapping. I'm glad it doesn't effect you though. So, given that you've known me for maybe 2 hours now, and you know I'm annoyed that characters are being changed for the sake of diversity points, instead of new ones being made with originality and sincerity...

  2. There is no such thing as coincidental race swapping. MIB, or rather the production company behind it, had an agenda. To make money. The same as Disney. Just because it was a good movie and a good cast does not make it coincidental, it provides evidence that diverse casting and race swapping is a good thing.

  3. Ah yes the next Tarzan will be Black

  4. See that wouldn’t work. Part of his identity is being a white person in the jungle. For example, mulan. It’s important to the story that she is a Chinese girl. It wouldn’t really make sense or even be possible to have Mexican parents and an Arabic daughter in the… whatever century mulan is set, China. There is a difference between a characters’ race being tied to the story, and the character being a fantasy amalgam of human and fish who’s race is literally not relevant to the story because she’s a fish.

  5. Nobody read the mib comics, everyone watched the first little mermaid.

  6. So race swapping is ok depending on a sliding scale of popularity of the original iteration?

  7. Your concerns are in the wrong area buddy. What anyone should really be worried about is the writing of a tale of an underage person being swept away by an adult who is significantly older. If your concern is race swapping than maybe you belong on a certain list.

  8. Aw poor baby, is she upset cuz I hurt her little feelings?

  9. Yes and this kind of business is shitty, I think we can all agree on the core reason people are upset at the endless remakes and superficial money grabs by reskinning characters instead of making them new and unique with a good story rather than a 'yas queen' film? I say this as a chick, I hate how Hollywood is trying to depict 'strong women' by making females assholes with a macho attitude that treat men like worms and idiots.

  10. Yea dude. Fuck the Men in Black movie. Just a pandering money grab right?

  11. Yea dude butthole has such a weird texture. I can handle the taste, but the texture is just too weird.

  12. Imagine not knowing fictional characters can and do have origins. Also, this isn’t an action thats in a vacuum. We’ve seen countless white male characters being redone with female or POC characters recently. It’s lazy, dumb, and racist. Write new characters for POC or women, don’t reskin existing ones to satisfy woke idiots. It’s insulting to everyone involved.

  13. Yea dude fuck MIB! I hate that fucking movie, pandering ass PC racial swapping bull shit that it is

  14. I don’t know how to feel about this. I don’t know if I should be scared or not

  15. I tried to make a baby with a bald eagle. I thought my son would benefit from having wings and talons and good vision. But all I got was scrambled eggs on my dick.

  16. You and your dad are different species? I’m into this stuff

  17. Always looking for new followers:

  18. Bahahaha fuckin got me!!! Son of a bitch the possibility of someone having MySpace in 2022, AND promoting it proved too tempting.

  19. I was just reflecting on this too. What's cool is that more and more people are becoming aware of these issues. I am seriously optimistic that in a decade we'll be in a better place. Like think about how many people you know say that they left Christianity for some of these reasons.

  20. This is the wisest thing on the internet today. Congrats good sir or ma’am. I applaud your insight and wisdom

  21. If you like sci fi, I highly recommend the commonwealth saga by Peter F Hamilton, starting with Pandora's Star

  22. You ever read “red rising?” If you like pandoras try red. Also starsight by brandon Sanderson. It’s on book two so far, but it’s fuckin awesome.

  23. Chan, Ko Ling (March–April 2011). "Gender differences in self-reports of intimate partner violence: a review".

  24. The Reddit algorithm goes based on your Google search history. So…

  25. Damn! There is no curse in the tongues of men, elves or dwarves strong enough for how hard you just roasted this bitch. Hats off to you sir, a king among telling MFers how it be.

  26. Well it all started about 4.5 billion years ago, earth was in a primordial state. Then like 4.4 billion years worth of stuff happens. Then humans. Make sense?

  27. You seem very passionate about your statement and maybe Im not seeing what you're seeing. Are you able to provide some examples of when a white person took a role that should have gone to a minority. Like not one from the 50s, cus those were fucked up times. I'm white, my wife is black. We have this conversation sometimes and she explodes with anger when I disagree, but never really provides examples.

  28. It’s not that a white person “took” any role from a black person, well I’m sure it’s happened but it’s not the point. The point is a VAST majority of roles written in the entire history of cinema are cast as white people. Just think of ANY tv show made before 2010, the further back you go the truer this is because we are making progress, but likely that show has an all white cast. Often male skewing, but not always. But very commonly white, straight actors. Think friends, Big Bang, family guy, American dad, Hercules and Zena (from the 90’s) all my children, most of the NCIS/law and order/etc (some NOTEABLE exceptions in this genre but generally largely white casts) LotR, Star Wars (again other than aliens largely void of anyone non-white with one noteabke exception), EVERY DISNEY MOVIE EVER EXCEPT PRINCESS AND THE FROG, basically every romcom, rocket power, wild Thornberries, rugrats, basically everything ever on Nickelodeon or Disney back in the day (90’s/early 2000’s) except proud family, get smart and that’s so raven. Game show hosts, talk show hosts, news anchors, i mean if you don’t realize that white males hold a vast over representation in media then you’re just blind my dude.

  29. Sad. Ariel was the hottest Disney babe. I don't really care what color the actor is, she should at least be pretty.

  30. You’re a damn fool, I swipe my mustache and throw the sweat on the floor at your feet! The hottest Disney babe was Jasmin. Now shall we meet for fisticuffs or do you need a thorough brow beating?

  31. I’m bald but I got a red beard. And golden red pubes. No lie my balls look like they are framed by a lions mane. Get at me… but only if your a slim Arabic princess with a pet tiger and fetish for rogues with a heart of gold.

  32. Little known fact about this scene in the hobbit. The name of this troll, translated from the black speech of course, is, “my dude that gave it his all.”

  33. For your examples to work though there would need to have been a large ratio of permanent Greeks to Asians to be as diverse as the RoP setting has been. There would’ve needed to be many Nords in the Americas persistently. You are conflating the ability of a relatively small number of people existing somewhere for small stretches of time with the large migrations it would take to actually make those locations “diverse.”

  34. You are comparing real life, where there is no magic or gods and evolution is real, to a make believe story in a made up place with imagination. Maybe people can ask the gods to make their baby a different color? Or can use a spell to do it. Or a magic plant. Your comparisons are stupid because you’re an ignorant racist. In real life you there are no immortal races. There are no dragons. You can’t sail to heaven. Fire demons don’t live in ancient mines. People don’t fall from the stars. People don’t shape shift. Tolkien never specifically stated that babies can’t choose their skin color before birth, so just suspend your belief and choose to believe they can do that. The point of suspending your belief is a world with magic and gods and imagination doesn’t have to follow the same “rules” as real life. Also, it’s a fucking tv show. Get over inclusion. Fucking racist ass neck beard

  35. If you want all that crap in a story then write your own and leave Tolkien's alone.

  36. I will. With black Jack. And hookers. And you’re not invited cuz you seem like you suck.

  37. yeah not the best contruction, not a native speaker either (although phrase contruction is not necessarely language-related i guess), gonna change that

  38. Bloody hell I teach English as a second language, so yea I get that. No big deal. Just fyi I would just say, “Aule” instead of “he” in that instance. It’s good practice when speaking of something with which people may not be overly family to abstain from using pronouns whenever possible.

  39. Ah gotcha. I’d say the wording of your paragraph makes it seem like you are referring to Sauron when you say “he” there. You start the paragraph with specifically, Sauron was… it leads me, the reader, to assume the following information will refer back to Sauron. As having only tertiary understanding of the lore, I definitely didn’t know Aule was the Vala responsible for that stuff, so it’s easy to see how I wouldn’t know the “he” to whom you refer.

  40. Correct me if I’m wrong but the nine kings of men were given their rings, and out of their love of power were corrupted? I don’t believe any of them fought for, declared for, or otherwise were under Sauron’s employ before receiving their rings?

  41. Perhaps he is gifted a Ring from Annatar and the elves once he defeats Adar, our first main antagonist. I think Annatar will show up in Season 2 and the forging of the Rings of Power will be a seperate plotline, while Halbrand freeing the southlands from Adar may be another. Eventually those plot lines would intersect, with Annatar gifting Halbrand a Ring, gaining his trust, and ultimately revealing himself to be Sauron as he forges the One Ring. Thus, Halbrand is betrayed.

  42. But… you said he would claim the south lands on behalf of Sauron.

  43. Why 80-100? Isn’t Aragorn like 87 during the events of the war of the ring? He’s like middle aged-ish in appearance but has the vitality and stamina of a mid 20’s fucking Olympic athlete. So at 170 years he is retirement age but has the stamina of what, a 40-50 year old? And the blood of numenor is weak in him.

  44. In Poland the name Piotr (pronounce Pee-oat) has a shortened version, Piotrek (pronounced Pee-oat-trek) and it bothers me that the nickname version of Piotr is longer than the regular version.

  45. I'm in a quandry now. I've always pronounced it with a hard g since the word it stands for starts with a hard g. But you're right -- using that same logic, I should pronounce SCUBA with a short u, but I don't. ... I need to go think about this.

  46. Ok here is something to fuck with you even more. So a hard “g” or “j” sound in words is dependent on its origin. Words with Germanic origins use “g” when it should be “j” according to the English “rule,” but Latin/Greek origins use the “j” sound.

  47. Yea invasions are easier cuz you got 10 wolves helping you out. Invaders like you suck, by your own admittance you can’t win duels, so you go fuck with people who are just trying to play. I’m all about pvp duels, but this invasion BS is so annoying.

  48. Yea I get it you’re so edgy and cool. And yea I am annoyed as fuck. Im so fucking tired of getting invaded by some little pussy who just runs away to where there are a bunch of enemies so I can’t play the game. Come fight or don’t, but playing the way you do is for little wieners that aren’t any good and just enjoy ruining other peoples good time.

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