1. Between roughly 1995 and 2007, the rave scene in Columbus was easily one of the best in the Midwest and one of the top 10 in the country... Great venues, great people and great DJ's.

  2. Intel has delayed the plant because the CHIPs Act didn't pass, or so I thought.

  3. They are delaying the "ceremonial groundbreaking event" only. It's basically a way for Intel to put pressure on Congress to get their shit together and quit dragging their feet on the CHIPS act...

  4. If approved by voters, the $1.5 billion bond issue would be spent as follows:

  5. Is there any more information on that $300m for “health, safety, and infrastructure”?

  6. It doesn't mention anything but more details are sure to come out soon...

  7. Can't read because of the pay wall but does this mention any tech school tracks that may bubble up that will seed some of these technician jobs? Heard something about ITT tech doing something similar but nothing concrete that I have found. Asking for my son.

  8. They care about water too...at least to the extent they want our easily accessible and cheap water to run their plants. It’s an environmental impact most haven’t talked about or discussed but has massive implications over the next 10-30 years. The tax abatements and government reach around for Intel is amazing for the amount of payroll being created. I’m sure Jobs Ohio will claim some responsibility for the plant (I haven’t seen them yet except for their pro intel postings) to continue propagating the illegal transfer of public dollars to a private entity (also known as Kasich’s friends making millions off of Ohio taxpayers).

  9. Remember when Jerry's dentures fell out on air? What a clown! I had a good chortle at his expense, I don't mind saying.

  10. That was definitely Dave Kaylor, and The Other Paper was merciless about it as I vaguely recall

  11. Yep- The Other Paper had multiple shots as they flew through the air on the front page if I remember right!

  12. Remember when Angela Pace didn't know she was on live TV and flipped everyone the bird?! That shit was hilarious 😂😆

  13. I think extending Neil Ave from where it deadends at Spring/Long to cross the river would make a lot of sense, but I also realize there would be challenges with that since North Bank Park is right there. If nothing else I think a pedestrian bridge would fit really well in the area, the Scioto Peninsula looks like it's gonna be a lot of dense housing and providing easy access for an area of high population density to the Downtown sporting venues would make the Downtown core a lot more vibrant

  14. How about this if u can teach me something new I could pay for the meal

  15. Not sure what’s with all the attitude in this thread, but here it is for whoever wants to read it:

  16. Because that dude bitches all the time about The Dispatch and its paywalled articles.

  17. Foxconn doesn't have anywhere near the track record of creating jobs and delivering on projections that Intel does.

  18. Intel is pulling out from what I hear. I never expected this to forward.

  19. They are delaying the "ceremonial groundbreaking event" scheduled for July 22 but everything else is happening as planned.

  20. Is there a geo coordinate or google map of the proposed site?

  21. The owners of The Explorer's Club sold because of how small it was. It just doesn't seat a whole lot of people.

  22. Right now it seems like a good area to get shanked, but if the gentrification spreads it might be nice in a few years

  23. We've lived just a couple blocks north of this for over 18 years now and we like the neighborhood. Yes, crazy shit happens sometimes on High Street but that shouldn't be anything too surprising.

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