Steel nerve wasp nest removal

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  1. I just finished a sherbhead pod and really enjoyed it. Good balance, decent pain relief and good taste.

  2. I really enjoyed this strain…. I tried three of their new ones and thought they were great. 22.2% but it hit much harder than that. Really covered in trichomes.

  3. Thanks! I've been considering some of these too. Did you find salty watermelon to be an strongly stimulating sativa or a more balanced feeling sativa?

  4. I was never a sativa fan in the past because I just get paranoid. I found the salty watermelon to be a good balance. I am able to engage in conversation and go about daily tasks without paranoia but definitely feel the sativa. The Alien Starfighter was a perfect mix of pain relief but allowed me to function very well. I would say for pain relief without taking you down like an indica this is my new favorite.

  5. I haven’t had these yet but was looking. The gummies are great so maybe I’ll try. Where did you find them?

  6. Got my email today and they are gonna give me a refund the email looks pretty much like yours. They are very cool people and I am def gonna see bout what else they have to offer like you was saying on strains that help me best. I had already thanked them for the amazing job they do with MAC it has become my favorite as of late.

  7. You should try the new Alien Starfighter. It was very similar to Their MAC but even better.

  8. Wow wish I got this deal! 25% off all Standard Wellness at The Forest. $21-26 for the new indoor is a steal!

  9. How about actually describing how it taste/smells please lmao

  10. Sorry about that was medicated at the time :). It smelled fruity and that taste definitely came through in the taste as well. Smooth draw with a sweet finish.

  11. Bought this and mint gelato today. Really like it. Nice blend of pain relief but no couch lock so I could actually be productive today.

  12. I am sorry I mean I should not wear any foundation and concealer ? Or maybe other product maybe good?

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