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  1. 1 is giving me hella Indigenous vibes and as an Indigenous woman, I gotta say 1.

  2. Wait, that's so cool! How did she get to them to onvite them?

  3. I don’t see how it’s selfish to not want to bring a child into a world that is on fire. You can’t even go to the Walmart without worrying about getting shot. Heaven forbid people have the awareness to know they can’t handle something so they don’t do it 🙄

  4. She brings up Jesus, Frodo Baggins and the Iron Giant as examples to follow. Don’t recall any of them being parents. 🤡

  5. It’s the entitlement of comparing saving all of Middle Earth from despair to having a fucking kid..

  6. This is the way. Just completely delete the holidays and make new ones with tasks and themes you actually like. There are some wonderful holiday activities that it's really sad you'll never see without editing holidays - like the flower bunny and egg hunt / collection. Also, imo it helps to make seasons 2 weeks instead of only 1. You can fit a lot more variation in that way, without being inundated with every day being a holiday.

  7. So the hospital is supposed to forcibly keep her in the hospital? Then people would complain about that. Hospitals are not jails, if she required to be confined or special care, the family or the woman should have looked into it

  8. How about call the police when she’s missing, not wait until the next morning?

  9. This is the thing most people don’t grasp. For the most part unless you are brought in by police and placed on a legal hold, or are actually committed to a facility, you are free to leave. Yes it sucks, but if a person is legally allowed to leave, what are hospital staff supposed to do? Should the severely understaffed nurses only watch that one person instead of their full rounds? Should they tackle the person they can’t legally hold and physically restrain a person that is free to leave? I had a family member with similar issues and she would just bail out of places all the time because that was her legal right regardless of if it was actually safe or not. For the most part it’s legally no different than if you come to the hospital for a broken arm and decide to just leave before they think you should. You shouldn’t leave, but they can’t physically stop you. This is a small town hospital not a mental health facility.

  10. If you are a danger to you or anyone else they can put an order on you so you cannot leave the hospital.

  11. Has anyone noticed amouranth is back to her crazy streaming schedule? Shes even doing a sleeping stream right this second.. makes me wonder if her husband is back in control.

  12. As soon as she started wearing cleavage based shirts again I thought he was back in control. She seemed so content and happy when she was wearing a sweater.

  13. I have no idea what happened to this subreddit but this is an absolutely disgusting mentality.

  14. I have heard its been all old people. Wonder if they are just using the old covid eligibility list and starting at the top.

  15. Recently took out a $3k low interest card because of a financial emergency. Before then I had a maxed out $6.5k high interest card and another $1.5k no interest card (as long as I pay it off within the next year).

  16. Go down on them. I don’t know why but I find the act extremely intimate and I would only go down on someone I trust wholeheartedly. I’ve been in short term relationships where I was never comfortable going down on them.

  17. Are there multiple Father Winters or did Ginny have kids with her grandfather ?

  18. Crazy to read all these comments here. In Sask rent is still like 1k/month for a 1 or 2 brdm nice place. And avg wage is waaay above that.

  19. Iv lived here 26 years, there are some bad deals, but those are outliers. Sounds like you found 1

  20. Those are rookie numbers. 6,995 here.

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